Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday June 14, 2009

Today I purchased my new computer for Ball State and created my Blog. While it has been a hectic weekend I am sure that things are going to look up and calm down. I woke up and found out that grandma Bonnie had an anxiety attack and therefore had to go work at Dal-Mar. Today's catering was at Mentone Elementary School for the Mentone High School reunion. Most people would think that this event would be terribly boring but on the contrary the older people were quite nice. I found out that at the 2008 reunion there were 250 attendees and this year there were only 210 in attendance which caused me to come to a haunting conclusion. Someday in the future I will have a class reunion that my classmates will start to eventually not be able to make it anymore. But on a lighter note, I got a computer and got to visit Grandma at the hospital. Mom is at the hospital for the night and I am home hanging out with some friends. Adam Hostetter and Ramiro Arguijo are playing Guitar Hero. Miro is just attempting because he is not doing very well. Poor guy. He is going is going to miss the seniors next year, but I have confidence that he will make it. Well I think this is about enough for my first blog. Stay Classy Nappanee!

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