Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thursday June 18, 2009

A few hours later and after a good nap I am alive and well after two nights attending the outdoor Tri-way Drive-In in Plymouth, Indiana. They have such a nice facility and great concession stand that make for a perfect evening for fun with friends. On Tuesday night I got to watch Land of the Lost and Star Trek on the new theater 4 and on Wednesday I watched The Hangover and Terminator Salvation on theater 3. I will go on about the movies later, but right now I want to talk about the great time I had. On Tuesday I attended with Adam Hostetter, Austin Hostetter, and Kory Weldy. So what, the weather was not great but we loved every minute of it. We had our own private viewing and we are pretty sure the drive-in employees made fun of us. Even though the movie did not start until nine fifteen, I thoroughly enjoyed putting my umbrella up and down during the time we were there. Two movies for the price of one-totally worth it even in the rain. Wednesday started another quest as I was asked to go once again. With this current weather pattern who knows if it will be sunny or raining. Just this morning I thought it would rain all day and now I am outside with Austin mowing the lawn. But as I was saying on Wednesday I got to spend some time with Ramiro Arguijo, Preston Swain, Kerry Hoffer, and Katherine Kitson. The girls and preston sat in the back of his truck with an air mattress and me and Miro enjoyed our chairs on the ground. Even though the first show started while it was still light, the weather held off and it was a lovely evening of entertainment. I am going to talk about these movies in full detail in a separate post, but I can say that both evenings were equally enjoyable and worth the money and time spent. In other news, Grandma is coming home from the hospital today! It is exciting news to know that she is okay and we will no longer have to make that trip again in the near future. Other than that it seems like a moderately quiet day in the life of Tyler. I hope that you will check out the reviews below on the movies that I have had the opportunity to watch. Stay Classy Nappanee!

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