Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday June 16, 2009

Well I am back in the hospital again today. Grandma is going to have a stress test tomorrow morning and then hopefully she will be out of here for good. On the bright side I proofed and submitted the index of the yearbook! It is finally done! :) So today I am going to put the letter from the editor on the blog. Just a sneak peak of the awesome book we have created. I just want to personally thank the awesome staff that I have. You guys were great and the best staff I ever had. To B my second mother thanks for the past three years. It has been so much fun and I thank you for all the good times. And now the letter from the editors:Every moment starts a new chapter and in this case a whole new book. This specific episode began soon after the last as we started work on an original theme while still working on the 2008 yearbook. After a year of challenges and hardships, the staff had fallen significantly behind and found themselves working into mid June, but enough about then. The 2009 book was started, and chronological was in.

In complete agreement, we chose to create a theme centered on time. Crammed in the English office, the editorial board created a list of different spinoffs of moments in time. With some creative genius, we chose the best idea— one that centered on the many questions we faced as high school students in a county that was facing growing unemployment and in a nation that was seaching for new leadership.

We took off for the summer holiday. The final Josten’s workshop at Butler University soon approached and even without the two editors-in-chief, the staff came out with the championship trophy. We were already having a better year.

Switching from a traditional to chronological book was a daunting task, but the staff quickly caught on to the techniques and rules in a timely fashion. While the 2008 book did not earn national recognition, it did win accolades on the state level.

Overall, the staff came together as one and became a family. We treated every indivdual with respect, while having fun at the same time. From movie nights, to four-square, the staff was a true family, supporting each other inside and outside of the classroom.

As the senior editors leave, we hope that success for the staff continues, but only
time will tell...

Tonight I am hitting up the drive-in movie in the rain! I am pumped! Be ready for some good stories tomorrow. Stay Classy Nappanee!

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