Thursday, June 18, 2009

10/10 Buckets of Popcorn
Wow! Don’t get me wrong that the classic Disney movies are heartwarming and humorous, but Disney/Pixar’s most recent release “Up” caught me by storm. When I say storm I don’t mean showers I mean tsunami and hurricane reaction. For those of you who do not know the whole story, “Up” follows the life of Carl, the typical grouchy old man, but as you find out in the movie has an eye for adventure. He fills several balloons and flies away from the busy city to go on an adventure. Along his journey to find paradise Carl meets up with a Boy Scout who ends up teaching him life long lessons as they adventure into the wilderness after a terrible storm. While the trailers for this film made the movie look quite cheesy, the actual motion picture is excellent. Throughout the film I find myself crying like a baby and then a few seconds later laughing hysterically. As the friend I went with said, “It is an emotionally draining movie.”This is an excellent movie and if you thought Nemo was good then you have a whole new thing coming to you. It is a must see and if you are not an animation person, then look at it as a real story because the lessons it teaches and the themes it covers are truly meaningful. There are also a few added bonuses to this movie. First there is a Disney Digital Short before the movie that is really good by itself. Make sure that you see it because it will start revving your emotions before the movie even starts. Also be sure to pay specific attention to the voice of the construction man. You may recognize him from numerous other Disney/Pixar films. Last, but certainly not least, stay for the credits. They were very entertaining and clever because the position corresponded with the picture in the scrapbook. For instance the person in charge of shadowing had a picture of the characters doing shadow puppets. Overall it is a must see movie and the best that is out there!
Angels and Demons
9/10 Buckets of Popcorn
This is an excellent movie. Based off the Dan Brown novel, this movie follows the DaVinci Code’s Robert Langdon on his first journey. When the Pope dies strange things start happening in the Vatican and a secret group called the Illuminati leaves its mark on the city. Suddenly the Preferiti disappear and the police are told that someone will die every hour. Will Langdon save the day or will the Vatican be left in shame. While the movie is based on an excellent book it is a really good movie. My suggestion is that you read it, watch it, or think of it as separate entities. I have read the book and seen the movie and I was very disappointed with the way they went about some of the plot points and characters. You have to see this movie though because it is filled with actions and a plethora of twists and turns.

Star Trek
8.5/10 Buckets of Popcorn
This was my first Trek experience, but I cannot wait for the next installment. They used this movie to inform the newbies to the story while entertaining the people that have followed the series forever. It was such a great movie. It reminded me of the Star Wars movies except it was more believable plus it included some more emotional stories. I thought that the movie was very interesting and I hope that they continue to make more of these movies. It also has an all star cast of random people. Together they did a great job putting together a classic show into an original and excellent movie. I hope that every individual takes a little time to watch this movie and find something that they enjoy about it.

Terminator Salvation
7.5/10 Buckets of Popcorn. This was my first Terminator movie and I loved it! It was filled with action and had a great plot that left people on the end of their seats. Talking to a terminator follower, they also believed that it followed the stories that were previously told. Without having any knowledge of previous movies, this movie brought the viewers up to date in the beginning and then created a highly creative story that was interesting and a little emotional. The compassion that was also shown in the movie was truly life like and believable. While the time periods were slightly confusing during the movie the rest of the plot is fairly simple and the characterizing was easy to understand. I enjoyed the movie and I hope that the terminator fans were happy with the job of MCG. Enjoy the movie!

The Hangover
6.5/10 Buckets of Popcorn. This was an extremely funny movie because it is comedy oriented. It is about a bachelor party in Vegas that will never be remembered because when the three guys wake up in the morning they are passed out in their room. It is hilarious because they have a chicken, tiger, and baby in there in the room. Next the valet brings a police car to them, their mattress is on the roof, and they continue to try to trace their steps. The movie has some of the greatest comedians and provides a ton of laughs. It will keep you guessing until the end of the movie. If you are okay with brutal language and enjoy some dirty comedy you need to go see it. I hope you enjoy it and if you are with a person of the opposite sex when you see it I would suggest not watching the credits.

Land of the Lost
6/10 Buckets of Popcorn. Based off of the television show which I had never seen, Land of the Lost follows the story of a two Scientists and gas station owner who using a device going to a land where past, present, and future are all on the same plane. While there they meet aliens, dinosaurs, and a bevy of fictional characters. While the movie is completely false and random, somehow it was entertaining. Staring Will Ferrell, the movie does provide many moments of comic relief but never really pulls together a theme other than travelling through space is cool. If you are a fan of Ferrell or the series you do need to see this movie. If you are looking for action or romance this is not the right choice. It is a very funny movie and its portrayal of how the human people think about the world and what is really happening is very accurate. It is a funny movie and if you need a laugh go and see it!

Night at the Museum:Battle at the Smithsonian
6/10 Buckets of Popcorn
Another recent Disney movie, the second installment of the Night at the Museum movies provides for a similar story with the same plot. While the first movie was very entertaining and enjoyable the second one was a bummer because it was so similar to the first one that it could not be given respect for originality. It does have Ben Stiller in it that provides a few laughs and it does have several jokes. Of course this movie is very family oriented so children will enjoy the characters and the comedy along with the imaging. If you have not seen the first movie you will enjoy this one, but as many “number two” movies go it is a bummer and not as good as the original.

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