Saturday, August 22, 2009

Saturday, August 22

Due to an error I was unable to blog yesterday. To show my anger Adam Hostetter will be filling out my daily post.

well today was a late start for Austin and I, but tyler was ready to go bright and early. We started our day by dining at WoodWorth which is by far the best place to eat on campus so far. As we where eating we were visited by some friends from NorthWood and talked about our stay at Ball State and how we enjoyed it. Once we finished eating we took a walk to the poster tent hoping to decorate our rooms from the boring plain walls. Soon after we walked back and fourth from dehority and johnson numberous times and went to a cookout for all freshman. After supper we went to the club fair and were bombarded by fraternities. It was somewhat scary at times trying to avoid some of them. All three of us recieved a free shirt so the time spent there was worth while. After the fair we returned to tylers dorm, but on our journey we saw a reenactment of a midevil battle which was quite intense. Hopefully you can sense the sarcasm. I now leave you because i need to finish out the day so more can be written at a later time. good day to you all.

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