Friday, September 18, 2009

Weekend Update

Friday started off with a great breakfast, but they were out of biscuits and gravy so I had to have the eggs (they were not good at all by the way). Then there was a very entertaining business math because Drew was trying to answer easy questions and we were just laughing at him. After that we had lunch and got our free tickets to see "Hair". When that was all said and done Kevin drove us to Concannon's Bakery. It was amazing! The smell was great and the food was even better.
You can see in the picture a pretzel shaped donut, which I bought, ate, and loved. They were all great that I got. I also bought a caramel long john and a cream cheese covered donut. They also sell some called tea cookies which are amazing because they are basically homemade thumb print cookies. They are delicious and two dozen disappeared in record time. When we got back we went to Taco Bell because we were unable to go on Wednesday because of the hog roast. Then it was time for Friday Night Filmworks and they were showing "The Proposal"

8/10 Buckets of Popcorn
This is one of the funniest movies that I have seen this year. Following a story of a "controlling" boss that is forcing her assistant to marry her so that she does not get deported. When he has to go back to his home she has to go with him. Too bad she knows nothing about him and they are heading to Alaska. There he announces their marriage and before they know it the family is planning the wedding before they leave. I am not going to give away the ending, but the story is great and very funny. If you want a movie that is a romantic comedy and is still touching this is a must see movie.
After the movie we went back to DeHority and watched the new episode of the office on Adam's computer. It is definitely going to be a good season. Then I went to bed.

Saturday I had to be up at 7 in the morning to go to the NRHH Conference here on campus. The theme was "Oh the leaders we'll be" based off of Dr. Seuss which was very enjoyable. There was alot of chanting and a very annoying girl from Woodworth at the conference. The keynote talked about five different Seuss quotes that can be helpful in life. It was really emotional because while she was writing the speech her 10 year old niece died and a car accident and she also talked about one of her students who has cystic fribrosis and talked about all of the great dreams that she has. It was a quite emotional speech and I think that she did a great job at taking from the works of a great author. I then was able to go to four different leadership programs. One discussed the importance of staying organized and great processes that could help you. I also went to an NRHH information meeting to hear about the different committees and various things that the organization does. During the lunch break we also did a service project of walking around campus and cleaning up trash. While we were out Kevin and I decided to walk up the whisper wall and then he jumped off. Well I have not jumped up off anything in a couple years so it was kind of like humpty dumpty. I had a great fall and have a nice mark on my leg to prove it. There was blood but I will be okay and will not jump off any walls anymore. In my third session Rick talked about what happens when you leave college. He talked about writing resumes and how you can not just put you were on Hall Council or that you were an RA, but you need to put down the transferable skills that you can take from holding these positions. We also played heads up seven up, which I hadn't played in at least six years. It was a lot of fun and very informative also. My third session was about being on conduct board. As a hall council we have to have one or two representatives on a board of peers that will judge students on certain issues. The meeting basically told us that we had to keep everything quiet. It should be exciting to act like a judge for university decisions on student behavior. So now I will have a case every Monday between classes if some students have decided to be dumb. I am probably going to enjoy it a little to much. After the conference I went to Adam and Austin's to watch the Dark Knight on Blu-Ray. While I was over there I received some DeHo Dough! It is really cool because I don't even live over there. On Sunday I got some too and Colton told me I was an Honorary member of the second floor.

Saturday night was a very exciting night at Ball State this weekend. The Revolution was holding its annual 4-Square tournament, there was Late Night Experiment, and there was a Camp-Out in the grass in front of the business building. Basically there was something for everyone and we tried to check out everything. After we were done we watched High School Musical 3 and then I went to sleep. Sunday I slept in until one and then took another nap. It was a good sleeping day and then I worked on other stuff that I finished up.

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  1. This is real neat I enjoy reading about what you are doing at ball state. Enjoy every minute of it as it won`t last forever. Love you


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