Friday, September 11, 2009

Thursday, September 10

First off this picture has nothing to do with this post, but I made it for some signs and I wanted to show it off a little. Well it is Thursday which is my favorite day of the week because I get to do nothing and just hang until about 3:30pm. Today was no different. I woke up at eleven and then went to lunch at Woodworth. Then I went to Austin and Adam's room to watch a movie that Aaron had told us was good. Needless to say it was not good. After the movie I went to my walking class where we finished our assessment and walked our timed mile. My group of my class stuck together and actually pushed ourselves to pass the other class. You might be saying it can't be all that hard, but it was really starting to burn the calves. In the final lap we actually did it and our final mile time was fifteen minutes and twenty eight seconds. We had a lot of good laughs as we tried to focus on how many laps our partner had walked. I finally found out that my walking friends name is Brian. After that I dropped off my books and had dinner with Adam. Tonight I had my favorite class with Mr. Marsh, who as always had some great stories to share. Let me tell you some of them.

Two brothers decided that one morning that day they were going to say a cuss word. One was going to say "hell" and the other "damn". They go downstairs in the morning and the mother says "What do you guys want for breakfast?" The first boy says "O hell, get me some Cheerios!" Immediately the mother grabs the child, spanks him, and sends him to his room. She returns downstairs and asks the other what he wants. He replied "I don't know, I just know I don't want any of those damn Cheerios."

A husband is watching TV one evening and a special report comes on reporting "a car is driving the wrong direction down the main road." The man realizes that it is the road that his wife drives home on her way home. The husband immediately calls the wife to warn her. He says "Honey there is a person driving the wrong direction on the highway. She says back to him "One? I see a lot of them!"

Good Mr. Marsh also got me thinking about some other things tonight. We talked about the Roman Republic and how the Roman Senate had control of so much money. Then they used this money to create power over the world. One of the things that I enjoy about Marsh's class is that he brings it back to the current time period. His point tonight was that Congress has the money and over the years has used it like the Roman Senate. Does the Constitution say anything about Congress being able to make states set speed limits at a certain speed or make school use certain text books or follow a curriculum? NO! It says absolutely nothing about those rights for Congress, but because they have the money they can say "If you don't set these speed limits we won't spend our funds on your state, but on another" or "If your school does not do these things your school will not get federal funding." If any of the people who helped write the constitution saw what was happening they would be shaking in their graves. They never meant for Congress to have that power, but now today they do. Another example of the use of power through money is providing tax breaks for buying certain items. They are basically saying do this or pay more. They have complete control over our decisions just because they have the power to the money. Now that I have went on that rant, we finished the day by having to do an in class writing assignment about whether we would like to live in the Athenian Direct Democracy or Plato's "The Republic" idea. Both had negatives so we basically had to decide which we thought was better. I went with Plato because the leaders had to be trained, tested, and knowledgeable which in Athens it was one randomly selected ruler for a one year term. I won't go into further details, but I thought that I got miraculously involved in the principles taught during the lecture. When I returned back I went with my fellow floor hall council representatives Kevin and Ben to sell t-shirts. We have sold quite a few and we are going to try to sell more before Tuesday. Here is the picture so you can see them.
While we were selling we talked about what was in the Daily News, our Ball State paper, today. The front story was about how we have two cases of the H1N1 virus on campus. Now this is normal to hear since Purdue has 47 and growing and has not done anything about it, but here at Ball State we just decide not to tell the students. That's right, these cases did not just pop up this week. The first one came during Move-In week and the second one was the beginning of last week. Isn't it nice that they decided to not report it until now? Well who knows who will have it next, I am not feeling so good but I think that is because I my "unhealthy" supper. Well I am heading to Minnesota this weekend for the National Barrow Show so I will either post a little or not at all until Monday night. If you made it through all of this thank you. Stay Classy Nappanee/Muncie!

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