Friday, September 4, 2009

Thursday, September 3

The roar of 8,000 students during a college football game is something that can impact the soul for a lifetime. At tonight's game I had just that feeling and it was... Awesome. Before I get there I must say that I slept in until eleven thirty this morning and it was spectacular! Then I had lunch with Adam and Austin. I enjoyed some fajitas and beans. After that Austin, Joey, and I watched Monty Python and the Holy Grail while working on homework that none of us really wanted to do. Then I went to walking class and walked my mile with Taylor? I thought that was what he said his name was in the story, but now I am second guessing myself. I am sure I will find out next week. I walked back to DeHority and hung there for a while. It was a really amusing day today because as the day progressed more and more people were wearing red. As you can see in the picture we basically create a sea of red. So I went to dinner with Adam and Joe (Austin had class) and had chicken and fries. I wanted nachos, but they were out of queso at the time. We had a good conversation about life in general and then we split our was as I went to class and they went tailgating. At History 150 Mr. Marsh started class by sacrificing a stuffed animal sheep and pronouncing (like the egyptian priest would have) "a vicious competion will occur tonight over pigskin and territory, this week one of you will eat a large pizza, and tonight an amazing history lecture will be given." If you can't tell he is a very good professor who keeps the class entertaining. He always tells jokes after something gets slightly boring. Tonight he wanted to clear up that history is like the media, it is biasis and reported according to one person's opinion. He asked for a volunteer and asked "Have you ever given anything back to the world?". The student, Daniel, replied "yeah, like charity." The prof wrote on the board "Daniel sacrifices all that he has to making a better world" and then said this is the article headline I would write for you. Then he said "Do you still kick your dog?" At this the class laughed and the boy said, "I don't have a dog." The professor then wrote on the board "Daniels denies involvment with torture of animals." This was Daniel's new headline. He concluded by saying that there is no objective writing and that everything always includes some kind of biasis. Anyways it got to eight thirty and he looked at his watch and said "You want me to lecture on the next topic for thirty five minutes?" We all got quiet and he told us he was just kidding. He gave everyone that stayed extra credit and asked us to write the answer to what invention made it possible to get through walls. Before we left he told us the answer was...Doors (Duh!). So we all started running out the door and off to the field. I made it by half time and had great seats right on the fifty yard line. I'm not going to share my views on this Blog, but you can check out my opinion of the game and get more details and old NorthWood videos on Soon we might have some interviews with college students if our free time works out like we want it. It was fun to go to my first Ball State game with Austin, Adam, Kathleen, Elysia, D.J. (Elysia's Friend), and Justin (Architecture major who lives in Johnson). We had a good time and the night ended with some pretty high quality fireworks on the north end of the stadium. I was pretty impressed (probably where my ticket money went). Well we enjoyed our walk back with everyone else. When we split to go to Johnson I heard singing behind me of "Lean on Me". I thought it was probably a raging set on lunatics, but of course I turn around and it is Kevin from my floor. Well I have went on enough for one night. I hope you check out my football update and keep checking in here. See you this weekend and Stay Classy Nappanee/Muncie

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