Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tuesday, September 22

I can finally say that I made it over the hump and on to the rest of the week. This Tuesday did not turn out as terrible as expected. Another nice and gloomy day got my spirits high, but the only problem was that it is my least favorite day of the week. I get to math and the kid that yells when he talks made the Professor teach the whole lecture over again from the day before. This was terribly annoying so I decided to do my future homework. Too bad I did the wrong section and therefore wasted my time. In other news I had a good lunch, took a nap, and went to walking class. Today we did a one and one third mile walk which I can't even tell you about because I can't remember it very well because when you walk around in circles eight times you start to forget. I had dinner with Kevin, Adam, Rachel, Kathleen, and Justin at the Atrium. I love how one little group can get bigger and bigger as the weeks roll by. In Astronomy I sat by Brian again and we just laughed the whole time because we really don't believe the man knows what he is doing. We did do a cool experiment where we had prism-like lenses and he would put 500V into a gas or something. Anyways we could see different wavelengths in the room. I walked back to my dorm without getting caught in the rain and went to the hall council meeting. It was quite hilarious because we got to hear the story of our 6'5" Hall Director getting hit by a car today and the car just driving away. You would think they would stop and check on him but no. Well that is pretty much it. I was actually going to go to bed and write tomorrow, but once I started typing I felt like I might as well finish. Also a cool new thing on the Blog: If you click on a person's name you will be taken to a page with their picture and soon some information about them. That is all. Stay Classy Nappanee/Muncie!

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