Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tylerday, September 16/17

Okay so I felt really tired on Wednesday for some unknown reason. Sometimes time catches up with you. I found out that I got a one hundred percent on my first quiz and I am kind of freaking out about my first test in history. Life at Ball State is otherwise pretty normal. I have talked to my advisor about working on scheduling and setting up a meeting with him. Last night we went to the Revolution's hog roast. The pork was burnt, but it was a good time of fellowship. Yesterday they announced the top ten Homecoming candidates and some of our Schmidt/Wilson people made it. The picture of the top is Chris Griffith, our funniest resident and RA. In the hall meeting when he was going over the rules, he talked about pet rules and said there was one question you have to ask..."Is it a fish?" It was the funniest thing ever! LOL. Maybe you had to be there. Today was a good day because I got up at 12:15pm. Thats great sleep. Today I had some normal walking class which is becoming fun because we are coming out with cool places to go on walks. In history we had a good night and it is not boring. I love how he is able to relate the present and future to what happened throughout history. Well I have alot to do but if I have time I will share some more stories and cover more topics in the life of Tyler this weekend so keep checking in. Stay Classy Nappanee/Muncie!

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