Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Weekend Update

You might say "Hey Tyler it is not the weekend!" and I know but I want you to be able to read my report on my weekend because it was super Awesome! The pictures are running across the top and I may refer to them throughout this blog. It is hard to decide where I should start. Well I should probably start at the beginning. I was planning on leaving Friday right after class but that did not happen because my mom could not get out of school until three. The journey official began at 6pm when I was picked up and we headed on the road. First stop:Steak N' Shake. If you are a college student like me you know that the food starts to get old after a couple of weeks of having the same foods over and over again. After picking up our food the choas of driving began. Everyone knows how it is to take a long road trip and if you do not think of a short one just multiplied by a lot. It included a lot of talking and sharing stories and catching up. Of course we made several stops and I am proud to say that I only took a short little 15 nap out of the 12 hours. Of course there was a bevy of things to see but it started to get dark. Now we were all good and we made several stop, but there was one really funny moment. In the last five minutes of the trip my Mom and Kory started to get tired. I mean how can you fall asleep when you are almost there. We got there at 5am and we fell right asleep. In the morning I got to see family and watched some of "The Haunting". Uncle Chris has a spider bite and was unable to go to the game. We left at about 1:30pm and was able to see all of the fans tailgating and the few Ball State fans. After we got the rest of the tickets we went to a restaurant that I cannot remember the name of right now. I had some delicious catfish that I would be able to finish later that night. While we were eating it started to storm and when it mellowed out we tried to leave. When I say try I mean Austin had some bathroom problems and we were not able to leave right away. When we got there the rain was gone but there was mud! We had to stop several times for my brother's problem. Then we went to the game. It started raining just at kickoff. I will talk about the game in more detail in the sport's report when I have time. When we left and on the way home I found out about something known as Little Cesars. They have pizza ready at a drive-thru! It was awesome and I was sure to get some crazy bread too. When we got back we hung out for a while and then we went to bed. We were sure to get up and head out right away in the morning in hopes of getting back as early as possible. Well of course I slept for the first couple of hours and then came Nashville. Last time I was there nobody wanted to see the Country Music Hall of Fame or wait for me. This time I was not going to let this happen again. I got to see so many great things with my brother and we had a great time. There are a lot of pictures to look at and I wish I could explain it all. Afterward we wanted to take a picture outside so I put the camera in my shoe and set the timer so we could all be in the picture. It is in the slideshow, so find it and laugh. LOL. Well the rest of the trip was slightly hard because if you know anything about travel the trip home is a little worse because you are out of material to talk about. The grand finale of the weekend was going to RED LOBSTER! I got to have endless shrimp and I definately ate 40 total shrimp (Scampi, Fried, Pasta, and Cajun). I forgot what those cheese biscuits tasted like and now I am so happy I can have that memory in my mind again. I got home around 11:30 and got settled back in. I want to thank everyone for making this weekend a success. Mom and Austin-for taking time out of your busy schedule to drive me their and back me up in a time of need. Kory-for having my back when I needed a friend to travel with me. The George family-for all of the efforts that you put in to make sure we had a good time! I was so glad that I was able to come down and visit and I hope you had a great time too! Thank you soooo much!!!

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  1. I enjoyed the pictures and the coments! Love Ya Grandma


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