Monday, October 26, 2009

Fall Break

Fall Break Wrap Up
For everyone that follows everyday I would like to apologize for being so far behind, but it was Fall Break here at Ball State so I was sure to take my break on the blog. I will try to recall as much information about this past couple of days to the best of my ability.

Here at Ball State very few people were staying so it was similar to a hotel as everyone was leaving with their clothes and several of their belongings. The worst part is that the only class I HAD to go to was from 6:30-9:10pm that night. I could only pray for it to be cancelled but it was not. The only thing I can remember from that night was Marsh talking about the invention of the printing press and how he had used it in high school for projects. I also can remember the jokes so here I go. "There was an old man on his deathbed and he smelled something that he found fimiliar. After a while he realized that the smell was his favorite homemade chocolate chip cookies. He decided it was the one thing he was going to do before he died. He had to eat one more. He rolled out of his bed and crawled to the kitchen. He saw them on the counter and just as he was about to grab one he got hit with a spatula. It was his wife and she said 'You can't have those, they are for the funeral.'" After class I had to drive home in the rain and dark. I don't remember very much of that night and I really wanted to go to sleep.

At 7am my phone alarm clock went off and I totally had forgotten what it is like to wake up that early. I mean it is dark at that time of the morning and I don't believe kids should have to wake up that early. It is not safe! So I woke up at 7:39 instead and made it just in time for the beginning of classes at NorthWood High school. There I got to talk to several of my friends and several of the staff there. I had a great time seeing people and getting to catch up with everyone. After visiting the high school I went to Nappanee Elementary were the third grade was working on Fall "Haunted" Houses. The picture is at the top of the group that I got the great opportunity to work with! It was a lot of fun! Hopefully I will get to work with them more sometime this year. I then went and got my haircut and that night enjoyed some time with Ramiro, my Grandma, Mom, Dad, and Brother. No one understands the ability to stay up late until they have been in college and believe me now I know. Someday my family will be able to stay awake during a movie.

If I am forgetting anything that happened I would personally like to apologize because I am trying to recall it all myself. That morning I got to sleep in for a little bit, but not quite as long as I would have been able to if I were back at school. I guess there were some positives because I got to have homemade french toast and bacon that was great. Then it was time for some shopping with Mom and Grandma. Not the greatest part of the weekend, but it was not completely terrible. Made some good purchases that were definately needed as winter approaches. I did enjoy my two and a half hours sitting at Target enjoying a pretzel and drink. After we got unloaded we watched Notre Dame WIN and heard about Ball State WINNING! I know it is hard to believe but it was amazing! After that we decided to head to Hacienda in Warsaw and meet up with the Knott Family! We had a good time together as always and I can't wait to do it again. I did really miss the mudslides and I am glad I got to have one. We tried to watch another movie that night and this time I believe I got Austin and Mom through it. Then it was back to my own comfy bed.

As the end of Fall Break came close it was a chance to sleep in a little bit. As soon as I woke up the family was ready to watch one more movie and enjoy some poppyseed chicken! Before I could pack up my stuff I made a trip to Millersburg to pick up my Halloween costume from Jane and talked to her and Keith for a while. Then I stopped to chat with Grandpa and Carol for a while before starting my trip of picking up and packing people for the journey back. By the time I said my goodbyes from my house the back of my truck was completly full. We stopped at McDonalds on the way down just to get our last taste of "real world food" before returning to the dinning plan. The rest of the night included unpacking, parking, making beds, sorting and putting away clothes, and the norms of moving back in.

Overall it was a great weekend and I had a lot of fun. I hope that everyone enjoyed my company and I can't wait to come back for Thanksgiving. Well if you are still reading...Stay Classy Nappanee/Muncie!

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