Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Monday, October 19 and Tuesday, October 20

If you don't know this already this weekend is fall break. There are a few ways that you noticed because my blog posts have not been completely up to par this week because I have been trying to get work done before the weekend and trying to fit in some extra sleep hours so I am not too tired for the weekend. I mean usually I sleep until one on at least one day of the weekend. So let me update you on what has happened in the last two days. Monday I had business math and ISOM and made it a chill day to reflect on parents weekend along with watching Heroes with the guys. I got a few more cards when I returned to my room and I thank everyone who sent something. It really does make my day to get a card or package. Monday night I took a nap until Tuesday morning and did some work in the early morning. Then I had a meeting with my Academic Advisor on Tuesday morning and requested my classes. I will be taking the following:EDHI 200 Introduction to Personnel Services in Residence Halls, THEAT 100 Introduction to Theatre, ISOM 135 Business Information Systems, HIST 202 American History 1877 to the Present, ECON 201 Elementary Microeconomics, and ENG 104 English Composition 2. It was basically perfect (if I get it). I have one class on Monday for 4 to 5:50. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I would go from 9am-12:15pm and then 2-6:15pm. That's it. It will be amazing and I will love it. Then I sat in Woodworth for some personal time and to watch House. I went to Business math, walking, and astronomy and it went like usual. Best part of the day was right before Astronomy when we had a dance party in DeHo. We did the cha cha slide and several other sweet songs. I worked up a sweat. I finished the night with a Hall Council meeting. Well tomorrow's schedule is like a normal Friday so it should be simple. Stay Classy Nappanee/Muncie!

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