Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Monday, October 26

Back at Ball State I had to wake up for class again, but it was not all that bad to get back into the swing of things. Another Math class that has officially got me writing backwards in my notebook because I have already filled it up the regular way. This is a week full of exams and quizzes with some pleasure still in the week. Today was the start with ISOM exams. In the afternoon I had the Inquisit and at night I would have the SAM portion. I averaged a 93 on them so I was happy with my very little studying. We also had dinner at the Noyer Buffet with Matt that night. It was a pretty enjoying day. I was late to Heroes because of the exam, but it will be fine and I will catch up. That night I went back to my room to do some more studying and watch some of my TV shows. Overall it was an alright day. I also took some time to write my weekend blog post. Stay Classy Nappanee/Muncie!

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