Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Monday, September 5

You have to know that it was a boring day when the only thing you can think of to write in your blog is that you wrote a birthday/christmas list today. I woke up around eleven and basically went to class and just did nothing all day. I don't have any exams for two weeks so I just wake up and go to lectures on a daily basis. We also took some pictures in DeHo just for fun! So I am going to post my Christmas list. Movies
• X-Men Origin Wolverine
• 17 Again
• Shawshank Redemption
• Eagle Eye
• Saw 1-5
• Dan In Real Life
• V for Vendetta
• House 3/4/5
• The Office 4/5
• Lost 1/4
• Arrested Development
• Big Bang Theory 2
• Law and Order (Any Season)
• Heroes 3
• Chuck

Wii Games
• Guitar Hero 5
• Toy Story Mania
• MarioCart

• The Lost Symbol
• V for Vendetta (Graphic Novel)
• Watchmen (Graphic Novel)
• A Lion Among Men

• Sweatpants
• Jeans
• Long-sleeved shirts
• Zip Jackets
• Socks
• Boxers
Well that is all and I am sorry that my life was so boring. Stay Classy Nappanee/Muncie!

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