Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tylerday, October

Well as I sit outside of my History class after an exam it should be obvious why I didn't have time to post on Wednesday. Lets just say when it is exam/quiz time I start to freak out and can't stay on task and just jump all over the place. Wednesday was not bad: Math the same as always and walking lecture the same as always. We found out that our actually professor who had cancer and was sick is not out of sick day so she is suppose to be there in two weeks. Hopefully things are going better for her. Wednesday night I had the opportunity to listen to Edward James Olmos. Below I will post his credentials and a short video so you can see him. I know him mostly from being the teacher in the excellent movie "Stand and Deliver". Thursday was pretty pathetic. I woke up at noon and studied and got ready. After that I went to walking, ate, and now I am here waiting for the lecture portion after the exam of History 150. Tonight we have Kitchens around the world in our dorm so each floor will making a food from a different country. The eighth floor chose America so we will have Hot Dogs and Chips. Well that is all. Stay Classy Nappanee/Muncie!

Named by Hispanic Magazine as the Nation's most influential Hispanic-American, celebrity speaker Edward James Olmos is a respected actor and a passionate community activist. An award-winner on Broadway (Zoot Suit), in film (Stand and Deliver, Selena, Blade Runner), and on television (Miami Vice, American Family), he currently stars on the Sci-Fi Channel's critically-acclaimed his show Battlestar Gallactica-which has won numerous awards and was name by Time magazin and Rolling Stone as the best show in 2005.

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