Saturday, October 3, 2009

Weekend Update

So I ended up hanging out at DeHority until the early hours of the night last night doing rounds with Colton who was on duty. We only had a few noisey people who we had to close their doors or tell them to be quiet. Then I went back to Austin and Adam's rooom that we had gotten an extra mattress for me to sleep on. I woke up in the morning hoping to make it to the parade but I was already too late, so I waited for Adam and Austin to wake up. As soon as they were up and ready we headed to the game. On the way there we picked up Brian at Johnson. It was a great game which I will further explain in my sports' report blog tomorrow. Sadly we lost but there is still time to get better. We had a good time and then we all went to Woodworth and ate. Then we hung out for a while in DeHo and we also took time to play some ping-pong with Joey. We went to Late Nite and had nachos and hot dogs and then left. Back at room 243 Joey, Austin, Adam, Brian, and myself watched "Gladiator". We had a good time overall that day and I walked back with Brian for safety. On Sunday I slept until 2 which was great. Kevin drove me, Adam, and Elysia to Muncie Mall and Target and we did a little shopping. I got to eat my Auntie Anne pretzel and enjoyed the ten percent off discount. We went back and had supper and then I returned back to my room for my personal reflection time. Overall it was a good weekend and the countdown is on to the next one. Stay Classy Nappanee/Muncie!

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