Sunday, November 15, 2009

The 75th Anniversary-Weekend Update

When the weekend is almost over I always look back and say "What did I get done?" It is really sad because I hardly do anything most of the weekend. This weekend was no exceptions in the eyes of certain people I would guess. Friday I had class and then I drove Adam and Austin to Verizon and we also stopped at Target for awhile. I can't believe that Target is full throtal for Christmas already. It is full of snowflakes and Christmas ornaments. It was just crazy in there. Friday night we went to Friday night filmworks and saw "Funny People". After that I spent the night with Adam, Austin, and Matt at DeHority. Saturday was the 2C Lord of the Rings Extravaganza. We watched the movies from 11am to 2am with breaks in between every now and then. I can't even describe the feeling you get when you watch those movies all day and then the feeling when you are finished. Sunday was was my resting and homework day. It was really calm and I think I was productive. This is part of my break as I am writing now. I have more to finish after I am done with this to get ready for an exam on Tuesday and a paper that is due Thursday. I also must tell my Grandpa Ronnie a "Happy Birthday". I try to send out cards, but with the postal service here you never know how long it will take. I did not leave my room today so I think it important to mention how amazing I am at cooking for myself. I had beef for lunch this afternoon with chips and for supper I had tomato soup. I also had some Culver's ice cream that we picked up last weekend on the way back from Louisville. I also must mention that this is the 75th blog that I have posted since it all began. I hope that you have enjoyed it as much as I have and continue reading. Well I must get back to work now, but remember "Have fun, don't get caught". Stay Classy Nappanee/Muncie!

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