Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday, November 16/ Meghan McCain/ Image

What has happened to today's society? As I sat back and listened to Meghan McCain speak I stumbled across a point that I hadn't looked at since election time last year. Tonight we had the privelge of having the daughter of John McCain speak at Pruis Hall here at Ball State. That is basically what I lived my day for. We can look around and say that it is amazing that this is our first african american president, but I think that we can all agree that what happened last November was the evolution of the campaign and election process. What is truly hard to concieve in my mind is the strategy that won the campaign was working against itself. For years our country has followed the status quo. Now as this last election approached we went through a change. While we had always looked for the image of the standard white politician in 2008 the youth came out in full force. Our generation did not follow the status quo, we were individual's who wanted to make our dreams come true. The problem that faces our nation is that there are few with the knowledge to come to a smart decision though. I'm not saying that our country is stupid. I mean I still do not know who I wanted to win the last election. I know who I voted for, but do we all know that we voted for a particular candidate for the right reason. Meghan talked about being born into a republican family and how everyone just assumed that she was a republican. In our world today everything is just like that. Parents and community do teach the initial morals and beliefs of young people. So does this mean that they have to follow that? Of course not and it can be proven in this election as states like conservative Indiana voted for Obama. I guess that the real thing we have to figure out is whether we changed to the other spectrum for the right reasons. I took the election as an opportunity to hop into politics and to look at the different stand points. The rest of the nation (I believe) were nervous about what was happening to the nation in need and immediately did not know how to react. I would like to paint the picture of a person coming to a path that is split. One goes into a dark forest and the other a clear, beautiful field. Of course everyone goes along the nice path, but no one really knew what lay along the future when it was election time. The American people saw two path that were nice ways to get off the dark path. On was made of dirt and just like all of the other paths they had followed before. The other had blinking, flashy lights that said "Yes we Can". All I am saying is that a show was put on and the people voted for the one that was the biggest celebrity. Image has devoured this nation today. People have started to realize this once idol is just a normal person like the rest of us. We need to get out of the hole we are in as a nation and start running the great race. This nation deserves better and I believe that we can all make the difference it needs. Next time you vote for something don't "Judge a book by its cover", but research and make the educated decision. Stay Classy Nappanee/Muncie!!

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