Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thursday, November 5

I love Thursdays because I am allowed to lay in my bed until 2pm. With daylight savings time I don't leave my building until sunset. Anyways I had walking class and then went to the student center and enjoyed chicken, fries, and corn casserole. Then I had History 150 where I picked up several jokes. First though we talked about the free market and how Socialism can be found in America today. It was extremely interesting after hearing Howard Dean the night before. Now for the jokes.
A man goes to Europe for a couple of weeks and lets his brother watch over his house while he was gone. He calls one day to check in and he asks how the house is. The brother says that it is good and everything has been well. He asked how is the cat and the brother said "It is dead". The brother in Europe reacts saying why would you tell me that way? Why wouldn't you say something like it got out, got on the roof, got sick during the night, or something like that? The brother said "Yeah I guess I should have went about it a different way." The brother in Europe said "Well how is mom doing?" The other brother replied "Well she got up on the roof...."
A little kid comes home from school one day and says to him mom, "Mom my teacher taught us how to make babies in class today." The mother responds in an awkward tone "O hows that?" The kid says "You just have to drop the y and add ies.
Well that is all I have for today. Stay Classy Nappanee/Muncie!

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