Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tuesday, November 9

Doesn't it always seem that you have acne when you need to get an important picture taken? Well today after business math I had to take a picture for a scholarship. Of course it looks like a I have a tumor under my chin and am in middle school. After that I went back and changed. At walking class Faust told us that we would be on her Fantasy Walking team if there were such a thing. Astronomy sucked because I got a B on my test and realized I had to get an 86 for an A- and a 90 for an A on the last exam. No pressure though. Today I wanted to include one last ramble on 4-H.
"4-H? What is it?"

I really wanted to talk about this earlier in the week, but it seemed like I had already done enough rambling for the week. Everyone always thought I would end up at Purdue because of my agriculture background, but I am at Ball State. Now I have been here for a couple months now and the most startling thing that I have heard while I was here had nothing to do with class or the way the food was prepared, but it was several students asking me what 4-H was. Can you believe that? I think that most of us that have been involved for all of our lives would have thought it was nationwide and most people knew at least what it was. I didn't know how to react. Sometimes we take for granted the things that we think people know. If there was one thing that I wish every individual had the opportunity to be involved with I would chose 4-H. We all know the life lessons that are taught/learned through projects. It's a a great learning experience for everyone and it builds character. There are so many whiners once you get in the real world and I hope everyone in 4-H takes something from the program and is able to use it in their life. Our nation would be completely differnt if there were not so many people who didn't have real responsibility. In conclusion I have to say that through 4-H I have made so many friends and got to share a bevy of memories with them in my family. Everyone only gets one chance to grow up. Spend time with family and friends. Love everyone and don't sweat the small stuff. I am so happy that I have been able to live the life that I did. Thank you to my family and friends that have made this journey so great.
That's All Folks! Stay Classy Nappanee/Muncie!

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