Friday, November 13, 2009

Tylerday and Friday the 13th

I have to tell you that occasionally I will not do the Blog on purpose. Usually because I am too tired or have a lot of studying to do. This week though I must admitt that I completely forgot about it. Well this week has not been extremely difficult because I had no exams or quizes or any major functions I had to be at. Basically my regular classes and regular eating habits. I was very happy that "Glee" was back on this week. I cried both times that I watched the episode. I also found a website to watch movies on. I enjoyed getting to watch "This is It" and "Saw 6". Both are great movies and I think they are must see movies for this generation. I realized this week that I have Dining Plus that I can use on Starbucks strawberry and creme frapachinos. They are absolutely amazing and a good change of pace on occasion. Today is Friday the 13th which of course is suppose to be a very unlucky day, but on the contrary I am going to talk about my favorite Friday the 13th memory.
For anyone that remembers elementary school it was some of the greatest days of our lives. I think that everyone would agree that when it came near October 17th it was time for one of the biggest events of the year..."The Tyler Sanders' Birthday Party". The year was 2000 (that really dates me and I don't believe that it was 9 years ago when this happened), we would have been in 3rd grade and I can not remember exactly who was there but it was a great memory. We all came over to my house and went to the football game that Friday night at Plymouth. We won the game and then went back to my place. In the spirit of Friday the 13th we had a campfire and went on a haunted hayride. We really had a great time at those parties. When you think back on the good old days it seems hard that they are gone already. I think we have all sat back at one time or another and thought where did the time go. After some deep thought I have come to the idea that when we are in the moment life seems to go by at an alarming slow rate, but when you look back in time it just seems like things are going by so fast. Some would say that it is because of the age and I would agree with that. If I compare this 1 minute now to the approximately 9,986,400 minutes that I have already lived it is understandable that now seems slow and then seems fast. I think that it can also be traced deeper into the mind. I think that one half is centered around the idea of the now and the other half around the idea of the then or as coach Wolfe would call it "time-travelling". I think it is important that we take every minute as an opportunity to make a difference. Don't take any minute for granted. Well have a good weekend. Stay Classy Nappanee/Muncie!

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