Monday, November 9, 2009

Weekend Update/Monday, November 9

After Business Math I had lunch and then I was off to head to Fort Wayne. I made my way speedily to the Knott household. There we were off to the Garrett High School Auditorieum to watch a production of "Annie" (pictures above and below). It was really great to see Kallie as she has a lot of talent and was definately my favorite in the whole show. I have a lot of connection to "Annie" as it was the first show I ever had the priveldge to produce. It is truly a timeless, but true story of Americans trying to scam the system. I personally enjoyed the full length musical because of the continuous Republican/Democrat jokes. After the show we got to enjoy some authentic Mexican which was very good. I had a great time playing American Idol on the Wii and the boardgame Clue. After a late night it was time to head back.

Saturday and Sunday
In the morning we went back to Ball State to drop off my truck and then it was time to head to Louisville, Kentucky for the North American International Livestock Exposition. There I was told that my blog was getting boring so I needed to find something to rant on about instead of just telling you about watching a hog show and eating with family. Don't get me wrong it was a great time eating at Texas Roadhouse and just spending time together. I also got to draw Christmas names and keep it a secret. If you continue below you will get to hear some ranting.
"Political Swine"

When you look at a title like that you have to wonder whether I am talking about how I think politicians are like pigs or whether I think judging is political. If you want to know the truth I would have to agree with both. If you ask me there are just to many situations now a days that are proving the fact that everything is political. Of course we all know about our basic republicans and democrats, but as we go into any field it appears to me that it is all political and it is just crap. Everything might as well be a lottery with the effects politics has had on our nation. Before I go into personal experience I think it is important to look at it on a national and international level. Lets look at last year's Superbowl for instance. If you back play by play you realize that no team gave a better effort or deserved to win more than the other. It was not about that. You see that the officials basically made the calls that made the score. The players and coaches had no control over what happened? Is that right and just? As I learned growing up it was suppose to be the best team that won. If it can happen on a national level then how are we suppose to expect the younger generations to do anything different. However the politics rolled for the officials is what the score reflected. Internationally we see so many Olympics and peace problems. Why can't all countries agree: politics. Leaders don't want their people to blame them so their next choice is to blame all of their problems on another country. Its the blame game and however their political opinion is is what their judgement on everything is. So how does this effect me on a more personal level?

Well this is not just placed among 4-H pictures because I was there this weekend, but also because it is reaching the local level. As a 10 year member and now project leader I have to tell you that it is all about the kids and there have been way to many times that I have seen judges not realize that. I'll be the first to tell you that there are several judges that are just morons to begin with or they have a bad day, but there are others that have no excuse. It is terrible to know that there are judges that set up the show or pick their own animals for champions. I love when I get to see a well deserving child get picked as the Grand Champion and they have the biggest smile on their face, start to cry, or are even speechless. Those kids that worked in the barn morning and night to make their project look the best they could. Those kids deserve a fair look from every judge. Everyone has the desire to win and when it is put into your own hands to decide why wouldn't you chose something that you helped breed or produce? That's absolutely terrible to even think about. I just have to tell you that I do not know how people can live knowing that they treated someone injustly. I really wish that everyone could read and think about this and know that it is a crime to not treat these kids fairly. If you never noticed the politics in the industry I hope you realize it and want to change it. If you already knew this, then I hope you are not taking part in it and I hope you are trying to make a difference. If you are ever questioning "cheating" just don't do it. Do the right thing and let the person that deserves it take home the gold. I will try to write more on 4-H tomorrow. Monday I had business math and ISOM and also enjoyed some Taco Bell. It was a particularly fast day because I was doing a lot of work. I made a trip to the Museum of Art and I will try to write some in as I work on my report. We also watched "Heroes" tonight and had really chocolate cake for Joey Fazio's birthday. Now I am back in my room trying to get ready for bed. That is all I have so...Stay Classy Nappanee/Muncie!

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