Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thursday, December 3

I am glad you have logged in to read today's blog post because there is a lot on the agenda to talk about. I hope you enjoy!

Today was a very calm day other than a History 150 exam the consumed most of my day with studying. I did not role out of bed until about one this afternoon, but until about 6:30 I spent the rest of the day studying. I think I did decently well, but I do not find out until next week. I also had walking class today and for my post test I walked a 12 minute mile which is very good. As I talked about last night I attended a Ball State Boys' Basketball game. Today when I checked my email a mass email had been sent out to the student body. This shows what a truly great coach is like: To our loyal students in The Nest:

On behalf of our coaching staff and team members, I want to extend our appreciation for providing us the best game day atmosphere the Mid-American Conference has seen this year vs. Butler last night. The enthusiasm and amount of support you displayed is what elevates programs to a championship level.

Unfortunately, we played a Top 25 team in the country and we are disappointed that we did not play our best. With MAC play beginning after the holidays, we still need your loyal support and want to make our incredible fan base proud of their University. We hope to see you back in "The Nest" as your Cardinals defend their MAC West title. Thanks again for your amazing support and best of luck on finals!

Go Cards!

Coach Billy Taylor

I was very impressed and I have ever seen something that marked an excellent coach it is his commitment and care to the fans. We are loyal to him and he will be loyal to us. Friday night NorthWood has its season opener against Triton below I have posted some of my predictions for Friday nights games (Winners are bolded).
High School Hoops Predictions
Churubusco @ Westview
Rochester @ Plymouth
Goshen @ Bremen
John Gleen @ Concord
NorthWood @ Triton

No Limits But the Sky
I have not looked at this book at all other than to look at the pictures but now I am going to go page by page and analyze what it is saying and to what affect it has on today's society. Today's quotation is simply to prepare you for quotes that will come in the days to come. Enjoy!
"Today's achievement marks...
a fond farewell to yesterday,
a warm welcome to tomorrow.
the sunset of a beautiful part of the past,
the sunrise of a bright new future.
the beginning of new challenges,
the promise of success in the future,
and the anticipation of ever greater happiness.
The future opens up before you like a new book...
waiting for you to commit to its pages
the story only you can write.

21 Days till Christmas
Twenty-one is the legal age for acohol consumption. I think it is necessary to talk about what I learned in class as the holiday season is approaching. As we all know the holiday season is not the healthiest time of the year so it is important to drink responsibly and possibly healthy. First understand that one drink is equal to one bottled beer, a half of a glass of wine, or one shot. Knowing that, the healthy drinking limit is 5 drinks a week or 2 drinks in one day. If you follow this then you will not have to deal with gaining any weight this holiday season. Well I hope this was enough. Stay Classy Nappanee/Muncie!!!

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