Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tuesday, December 1

I just want to apologize for not blogging fo a while. I have been up late every night trying to catch up on work and get ready for finals. Tonight I am going to bed before midnight just to try to catch up on some much need sleep. Today was fairly uneventful as every Tuesday is, but I did improve my scores in walking so there is some good news. Also I do not have to go to ISOM or Astronomy next week because all of the material has been taught and all I need to do now is study. Now I am going to try and wrap up the weekend as fast as I possibly can. Monday night I drove home and surprised my family in the middle of the night. That allowed me to visit the kids at the high school in the morning, have lunch with my mom, and then hang out at the elementary school for the rest of the day. I went to the middle school basketball game that night and they are a great team and I see success in their high school career. Wednesday I went to the elementary school and enjoyed the whole day with them as we celebrated Thanksgiving. Thursday I celebrated Thanksgiving the traditional way by going to the Kelsey Mikel Memorial Walk/Run and got to see a lot of friends that I missed dearly. I returned home for the Macy's Parade and the dog show with the family. Friday I did not go out early, but went out at 8 and got a Blu-Ray player for the household. That night we watched UP at the tennis team movie night and it took us eight hours to watch one movie. It was so nice to catch up with everyone and I hope it remains a tradition through the ages. Saturday was the George Christmas which was as always a blast and I thank family for the gifts and the great time! I still can't believe my Mom stole from Uncle Bill! Sunday I went to Church and then met Uncle Randy at Mayberry for breakfast. Never had been there before, but I can guarantee you I will be going back. Now I am back here and it is time for some ranting:

Thankful Four
I must tell you that Thanksgiving slowly becomes my favorite holiday every year. I know everyone loves Christmas, but I think the importance of why we come together is amazing. I am not talking about the meaning (Birth of Jesus or Pilgrims), I am talking about why the people are gathered around a table on this day or come out to run for a cause. Christmas is about giving, but lots of people just think of the gifts, Thanksgiving on the other hand no one is forced to come together, it just happens. We all come together because we are thankful for what we have been given. I would never be the person I am today without what I have or had. I am going to go into a list, but one prime example is my public speaking skills. I am not going to say that I am amazing, but I believe one of God's gifts to me was the ability to speak out. For years I have never been able to go off script and it made me very nervous. Slowly I have tried to fight that fear, but never in public prayer. I always have felt weak and not able to really pray out loud. I didn't think I had that ability. In church and at events I always hoped they would not ask me to pray. The fear started to slowly eat at me and I stopped going to small groups because of it. Something has changed though here at Ball State. I don't know what it is but when I went home I felt a fire in my heart to not repeat the traditional "God is Great" prayer. I felt an urge to speak what I had in my heart and I did at the Thanksgiving table. Today I sit and wonder if I would be a different person if I would have done it earlier, but all I know is I feel proud and hopefully stronger and I am thankful for the fire that was set in me. It is hard to wrap it all up what I believe everyone is thankful for but I know I am thankful for Family, Freedom, Laughter, Friends, Forgiveness, Love, and Faith. We really are living in a great world and I hope everyone is thankful for all that they have. So the next time a person gifts you, gives you a compliment, or even just holds the door open, remember to say "thank you" because you only get one chance to pass it on.

Notre Dame
I really wanted to comment on this more but it is already midnight and I am not knowledgeable enough yet to write a full blog post. I have heard Cincinatti and Oklahoma, but the one that I have my eyes set on is Tony Dungey. If I research more I will let you know, but if Notre Dame wants a good team and a good fan base then Dungey is their man.

24 Days till Christmas
In the spirit of the holidays I am going to be counting down and try to relate them back to me or some historical information. We will see how it goes. Anyways on Monday night 2C had the party for the beginning of the countdown as we put together the Christmas tree. If I have time tomorrow I will post more pictures, but this is our family Christmas picture. In the spirit of Christmas I also included a video of the meaning of Christmas by Charlie Brown. Stay Classy Nappanee/Muncie!!!

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