Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wednesday, December 2

First off I have to say that I need ear phones for Christmas because I have two dysfunctional pairs now so it is hard to hear anything on my computer. Today I had business math and walking. In business math we had a weird man that reminded me of a worker from Disney sitting in to observe Drew and in walking we talked about substance abuse and the teacher took a hilarious approach to it. Tonight we had breakfast for supper and I loved it. I also went to the Ball State vs. #23 Butler game where America's Got Talent finalist's Tony and Rory performed in the half-time show. I will talk about that a little more later. After that we went back and watched Glee. It was the last episode before the mid-season fall finale. There are still nine more episodes for the season. The sad part is that it will not return until April 19th and it will move to Tuesday nights. The good news is that the first 13 episodes will be on DVD on December 19th titled "The Road to Sectionals". It should be exciting and it will be tough to wait that long, but filming does not start until January so I understand. Until then American Idol will be taking it's slot. Now I am back in my dorm doing more homework and studying for a History 150 exam. Not really since I am doing this and watching New Moon, but I will after this is finished so on the the special features for this blog:

Tenured Teamwork
In the future I am going to start going through a book that really questions the mind and brings out some thought provoking ideas, but for today I already have something that has been on my mind for a long time. It is the idea of teamwork. Tonight I went to my first basketball game since the last NorthWood game that I would ever coach/manage. I found myself saying stats out loud and trying to figure out new strategies to get our team to do better. Growing up the way I did I always believe that teamwork is one of the key aspects to getting the work done. Believe me that there are some that say that forming a team is simply bringing together lazy people to do the same amount that one could do, but I believe opposite. Shawn Johnson said "to accomplish a dream, you need a dream team" and I agree completely. As we look around in today's society we see so many examples of how coming together can make a difference. I will look at athletics first as that is where we see the primary examples. In my second season with Coach Gunn we had lost our key starters Zac Lechlitner and Ryne Lightfoot. To many it would seem like a building you but I say a group of young athletes brought together by determination to form a strong team. Don't get me wrong that to have an all-star on the team is not a good thing because it is. I simply mean that I would rather have decent player who want to win together. That is what they are and I was proud of them. That season they would win regionals and go to semi-state for the first time in school history. It is one of the most miraculous stories I have ever seen and I will cherish those memories and friendships for life. In tennis I found the exact opposite as a sport that could be about an individual became one about team. We came together not for just competition, but for free time and have fun together. I had one of the strongest moments in my life that year as everyone came together at the athletic banquet. There would normally be a split of friends sitting together with their parents. That was not how it was. We sat together like a team. We were not individuals on the court and we were not going to be at an awards ceremony. We expect people in organizations, teams, and groups to come together, but there is so much more out there. Everyone remembers how we came together on September 11 or when the tornadoes went through Nappanee. It is not always for a cause, but we come together because we all have the passion to make the world a better place. Isn't it amazing how we can feel so split from the world, but we are all connected. It's a beautiful thing! What brings us together is pride for what we are thankful for. That is a great connection. When Obama was elected some people said that he was not going to do a good job, but I knew then it was going to be about teamwork just as we always have. We came in the same boat together and now we are still in the same boat TOGETHER. Sometimes there are things that are wrong in your beliefs and you have that right, but when it comes to making a change in the world that could make things better we have to stick together. Put your differences aside and let's make this world a better place! In conclusion remember what the great Henry Ford said
“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”

22 Day till Christmas
I know I skipped a day but I am going to follow the chart that I have scrolling on the left side of the page. Okay so I thought that there would be more exciting information for each number as I did this countdown, but all I can find for 22 is Catch 22 which it not very Christmas like. The enigma 23 though refers to how the number 23 appears in a lot of different places. Nothing about Christmas though. To get you in the mood I will include not a catch 22 but a cat on 22.

Check in Tomorrow for my High School Hoops predictions for Friday! Stay Classy Nappanee/Muncie!!!

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