Tuesday, January 19, 2010

100 Posts...100 Memories

It all started with the purchase and now 99 posts later it is time to celebrate all of the great memories that have come from my life. Sure Tuesday was a crazy day, but I would like to share with you 100 memories that I have been able to get my hands on in 24 hours through pictures and videos. To say that I have no bad memories would be incorrect but I want to show you some of the memories that I love and some that many people have not have the chance to see. I hope you enjoy seeing some snap shots of my life. To all of those who are featured I want to thank you for being such an influence in my life. I love you all!

Before we start going through my memories I wanted you to watch this hilarious video of what the Japan version of Glee could possibly look like!

When I first got interested in Musical theater I was the stage manager of the middle school production of Annie. I loved those months of hard work and this last fall I got to relive my dream as Kallie was in the Garrett production of Annie. It was a lot of fun to watch one of my friend's find something they are truly talented at.

If you know anything about me you know that I like to have fun and lamb club was no excuse to change my ways. Recently I started dressing up with Jane for the costume contest. This year she was Cat in the Hat while I once again dressed as a woman-Raggedy Anne. Luckily for us MSNBC was on hand to snap some photos.

I also took an additional day to dress up this year for Sunday's family day. This costume received a lot of attention and actually made the main page of MSNBC's Faces of Fair. I also had the opportunity to take pictures with many fair board members. I would like to thank all of those involved because my life would not be complete without the Elkhart County Fair.

This picture will appear in a video later on in the memories, but I wanted the still shot be up because this was a fun night when we came together as the Nappanee Elite/2C to put together our Christmas tree.

I'm not going to introduce each Sanders' Sports Report or Off the Topic, but if you have time and want a good laugh then me sure to go through and watch some of the videos.

In the Fall of our first semester, a group of friends came down from back home and joined a group of new friends for a night of bowling, lottery tickets, and dinner. It was a lot of fun and I am proud to say I rolled my highest bowling score.

Here at Ball State we have an event known as Humans Vs. Zombies. I will talk about it later but this is a picture of our night out trying to be artistic and take pictures at the same time.

My first Ball State football game ended with a loss and fireworks, but also started late because of class. This is when Kathleen decided I was the best fan there.

There are going to be several spring break pictures but this one is specifically funny because my mom forced me to take a picture with one of the "Hawaiian" girls. I guess that is just how I roll?

That same night we enjoyed some great food and obviously Mom was getting on my case about having my cell phone out.

This is a picture by the pond/lake at our resort with my mom in her prom dress. Looks like we both took great naps in the sun that day.

Talk about a good breakfast that tastes good going down and up and I think Chef Mickeys. I wanted to try everything and while there is bevy of choices I should not have eaten the oatmeal and also dance with the characters.

This is the video that Austin made to help us remember this Christmas! Please note that while I do not make an appearance in the video I was filmming it.

We were very open to trying new things on our most recent spring break because mostly we did not have Austin along, but also because while you are at Epcot you should try something new.

Now that Grandma is in Florida I have enjoyed making visits there so I have some time to see her.

At the Crystal Palace we had another buffet and also got the chance to see family (Pooh Saunders).

Since our surprise trip to Florida, this was my first picture with my mom and Cinderella's Castle.

This is a picture of me with Jessica who was my waitress on my first cruise.

Welcome to the Bahamas! What is funny about this is that we were actually leaving at that time.

My future ship! The Monarch of the Sea and ME.

RODNEY! The man who cleans my room and makes my animals out of towels!

Me and Mom on the boat.

At the Business Scholarship Brunch I was able to shake the hand of the great Mr. Joe Fazio (He owns a bank).

At the Brunch we were able to take pictures with our families! Thanks for all of your help!

In the idea of possibly creating a new show we took pictures. Look at us trying to act all bad!

In hopes of getting a good picture from the Country Music Hall of Fame with my family I had to set my camera in my left Croc and set the timer. You can see that my shoe is missing and we got a good picture!

Over the last two years my idea of a Battle of the Barns has become a reality. This is the two time undefeated Swine/Sheep team.

This is our Senior year BPA Project. We received fourth place at the state level!

This is a picture of the fun and rainy day at the Auburn vs. Ball State game.

Reserve Grand Champion Meat Market Goat

I loved the custodial staff at NorthWood High School. This is the day that Fish let me ride the Zamboni around the halls.

This is just me sleeping at the fair.

This is when I decided that I wanted to be a construction worker! Actually I was just on a Chicago trip.

O this is how yearbook works in the summer!

This is our Junior year BPA video. While it did not place I hope you enjoy my voiceover.

Tennis brought me some of my favorite memories! This was one trip to DeKalb High School that would lead to our first ever tournament championship.

Louisville Friends

I love the NorthWood Christmas party, but this year we decided to take the yearbook staff down for an early photography session.

I took one trip out to Iowa that I love to remember. On this trip Iowa was dealing with a recent blizzard that had piled up quite a bit of snow.

As you know I love the drive-in movie. In this specific case it was the movies with yearboook staffers!

Sectional Champions

BPA: What is it?

Always expect the yearbook to do something fun when taking pictures together.

This is a video made by Austin. I am only in in for about 5 seconds so you don't have to watch it all.

National Livestock events make it very easy to meet fun little friends!

This was my first experience with a fluffy hat! Now I own 2!

Christmas 2009 Family Picture

I hate when people make fun of my new haircuts!

Our first football game at Ball State

Senior Tennis Pictures compliments of Steph DeBolt

This is just me in the yearbook room

Waiting for the Amish Acres 4-H trip

Tennis Team Movie night at the TriWay Drive In!

Spring Break in the Alabama Woods

Springfield, IL-Surprising Skillathon Results

I would rather not talk about this.

Courney poses after winning Girls' Basketball Sectionals

NAILE and the giant gumball machines!

This is when we got to meet Meghan McCain!

Spring Break on the Alabama Coast!

Tennis Girls' Regional Champions and to think that I had to force them to give the camera the finger.

My favorite senior picture...Maybe

The day that I biked the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco!

Louisville 2009

Jada bo bada fe fi fo fada...JADA!

The yearbook staff finally gets on the ledge to take a staff photo. I have always wondered how much weight it could support.

Hazing in the workplace can sometimes be a good thing!

Please don't kill me!

I took a picture of this outfit because I thought I look way preppy and did not know if I could pull off a sweater. Well I bought it so I guess this was a waste of a picture.

Halloween at 2C was a blast! Joey was able to get over his fear of the cat in the hat!

Brotherly love at State wrestling finals!

Louisville 2008 Has Kaley's hair always been purple?

Prom: The only year I really went because of the tennis girls!

Since I don't know how to swim I was forced to wear a life jacket the whole cruise.

Father's Day at the South Bend Silverhawk's Stadium

Zombies stop and pose for a picture during their dead period of 15 minutes!

Taking pictures with Jill after the football was postponed because of bad weather and we were all moved into the gym. I think we ended up winning that game!

My favorite picture of the year: This is me with Emily, Camyron, John, Gretchen, Reece, Zoey, and Dawson when we made our haunted houses during Halloween. I love my pen pals and I hope to get a letter from them soon.

So there is my life flashed before you in 100 memories! I hope you enjoyed the first 100 post and I hope you stay with me for the next 100. Stay Classy Nappanee/Muncie!

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