Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tuesday and Wednesday!!!

Well I knew that it was going to be a crazy first week of the spring semester but I did not know that I would be so tired and so busy that I would not have time to do my blog at certain times. It seems like I have been reading textbooks since I left my last class. Anyway, since I have been back I have been running around like crazy. On Monday I only have one class which is a leadership class so it was a fast class that is very interactive. Before the class I had gone to the bookstore because I had purchased and read the wrong book for one of my other classes. While I was on my way back I watched a car accident at the Scramble light. It was not bad, but it was my first accident. No one was injured and it was all okay. Tuesday was an extremely crazy day as I had class from 9:30am to 4:45pm. Tuesday and Wednesday I did a lot of homework and reading. I also spent some time hanging out with friends when I had the time. The food is still the same here other than we will no longer have a Noyer Night and they have added Boar's Head Meat and Cheese to the sandwiches at the Atrium. As for my teachers, let me tell you that it is going to be a very different semester. I have five and I will not talk about them specifically or with names. I have three women and two men. One of the men likes to use profanity and jokes to make the class exciting. His class is graded 50% Quizzes and 50% final. It could be stressful. The other man does not speak English perfectly and admitted it. Luckily it is one of my best subjects so hopefully it will be fine. The women are not as special as the men. One is just a regular teacher right now and another is russian and seems to be a little crazy in teaching. One class will have a lot of reading and analysis of movies (boring ones most likely). The other teacher is Terry Nelson who is a big name in the Journalism industry. I have posted the web address of a bio about her if you want to read more about her and her story. Well that is all I have. I hope that I am able to make it through tomorrow and on to the weekend. Stay Classy Nappanee/Muncie!

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