Monday, January 18, 2010

Weekend Update-Interesting and Entertaining

As you know I am truthful on my blog and I believe that it is important to cover what happened this weekend. I will state it simply as crazy. With the holiday people were able to party for three nights in a row. To create an anology it was like a three ring circus with lions, seals, and Austrian pets. It was quite a show we enjoyed the show walking around campus and in the hallways. We also had the time to watch several different films while waiting for the drunks to come back. This is where I will insert a space to be appealing for the eyes.

Anyways we watched several movies including Gangs of New York, Life of Brian, Fame, Ultravoilet, and Clue (twice). Some of them were very entertaining, while others were really not that great.

On Sunday we celebrated MAATH day which is suppose to be the first Sunday of each month when Matt, Adam, Austin, Tyler, and Heather go to IHOP to enjoy a bouniful dinner. Currently they are having all you can eat pancakes. I enjoyed nine and was the top eater of the pancakes. Hopefully next time we can have a better contest when we are not full. Following that we were able to watch the Golden Globes. We were happy that Glee received the best Comedy/Musical Series!

Monday was Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday so in celebration we are all working on homework for Tuesday. Hopefully the next weekend will be here again soon. Well I am really tired so I cam going to sit and do nothing. Stay Classy Nappanee/Muncie!

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