Monday, January 25, 2010

Weekend Update

On Saturday we had a lot of time to work on our schedule for spring break. So instead of getting exciting stories or my soapbox I will just post the temporary spring schedule.

Spring Break 2010
Friday, March 5
5:30 Departure from Ball State
7:45 Arrival to Hacienda for Dinner
9:30 Arrive at Household of _______

Saturday, March 6
9:00 Breakfast at the Main street Coffee shop
10:00-1:00 Tour of the surrounding areas
1:35 Lunch @ Adam
3:00-6:00 Visit Goshen or Elkhart for Movie/Other form of Entertainment
6:50 Supper @ Marsha
8:30 Reflection Time/Movie Night @ Marsha

Sunday, March 7
9:00 Arrive at NMC
9:30 Church Service @ Nappanee Missionary Church
10:45 Brunch @ Sanders
12:30 Departure from Nappanee
3:15 Arrive in Grand Rapids, Michigan
4:20 Polish Dinner
7:00 St Mary’s Mass

Monday, March 8
10:30 Casual Breakfast
11:30 Head to Grand Haven
12:00-5:30 Walking, Viewing different locations, Lunch @ Various Vendors
6:00 American Dinner
8:30 Reflection Time

Tuesday, March 9
10:00 Casual Breakfast
11:00-12:00 Downtown Walk
12:00 Gerald Ford Museum
1:30 Yesterdog
2:15-5:00 Wondering Grand Rapids and possible visit to Art Museum
5:15 Marie Catribs
7:00 Hanging Out/ Meditation

Wednesday, March 10
9:30 Departure from Grand Rapids
-----Breakfast/Lunch at McDonalds, Hot Dog Place
1:30 Arrive in Cedarburg, Wisconsin
2:30 Visit the town and possibly bowling or something relaxing
5:00 Becca Comedy Hour
6:00 Italian Dinner
8:00 Reflection Time in the Hot tub

Thursday, March 11
10:00 Departure to the Cottage
12:00 Lunch @ Steven’s Point
1:30 Arrive at the Cottage
Relaxation (Movies, Food, Pong, Campfire)

Friday, March 12
10:00 Departure from Woodborow
12:00 Lunch @ Steven’s Point
2:30 Arrive in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
2:45 Walk around the town
6:00 Cheesecake Factory
It was kind of a boring weekend that went by really fast, but GO COLTS and Stay Classy Nappanee/Muncie!


Graduation Open House Pictures

Thanks again to everyone who attended!