Monday, February 1, 2010

Land Before Leaders

Sorry that I took a day off, but I feel like I need to get my thoughts into words. We are already one twelfth through the year 2010. I have always been against New Year's resolutions, but I am a firm believer in New Month's resolutions. As I talked about in my post about NCLB I think that you have to set your standards lower to actually accomplish the job. If you are able to do something for one month then try two months and so on.
You probably remember when I went to the leadership conference in the fall, well this weekend was the spring conference. While I didn't know I was going until I was told that I was signed up to go, I still had a good time. This season's conference was themed "Land Before Leaders" which centers around "Land Before Time." The DeHority group did an awesome presentation with old people as their role call and Schmidt/Wilson sang the Barney song. At the leadership conference we were able to go to a variety of different workshops.
In my first workshop we talked about different programs that you can hold in your residence hall. We did a "Who's line is it anyway?" game where volunteers did improv. The funniest experience was when they were suppose to be doing a football dance and a boy ended up tackling a girl on the hard floor. She was okay, but not happy. In my second class we were blindfolded and put to the test of building a snowman out of candy. In another one of my activities we learned about what color of leadership we have. If you wondered I am a gold which is the person who like to do the worker and get it finished. As a gold leader I was able to look over the problems that I have and I like to have control.
This weekend I was also able to have some time with a bunch of old friends. During the conference I found out that Marc Disher was visiting for the weekend and I was able to hang out with him a little bit. I also went to Scotty's with him on Saturday evening. We also had the pleasure of having Chad down for one night. We ended up having a surprise party for Adam and Chad at midnight for their birthday. I hope they had as much fun as we did. I also spent time with the gang all weekend and had Steak n' Shake for lunch on Sunday. Overall it was a good weekend and I hope the next one comes soon (Especially for my laundries sake).
The time is quickly approaching for decisions to be made about what people will do next year and as I see everyone fading away slowly I want to take a little time to reflect and write some wills for those who will be leaving. Check in later in the week to see that. Well I have run out of stuff to talk about for today, but until next time...Stay Classy Nappanee/Muncie!

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