Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ohhhh, let there be snow!

Well folks it has been a full week and you may say "Tyler, are you okay?" I say to you that I am alive and well. Today is Valentines Day and I was awaken by my mother standing over my bed surprising me. I was able to go out to lunch with my family and grandma. We had a great time and it was a good relaxing surprise after the crazy week that I have had. While they were here I took some time to clean up my room that needed much work. Now I am back on schedule and hopefully everything is ready for another great week here at Ball State University. This week was big around campus as we were hit with our first winter storm, a 14.2 million dollar budget cut, and the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics. I hope you enjoy the following rants and as always Stay Classy Nappanee/Muncie!

Blowing through the Blizzard of 2010
In the past week Muncie has faced several days of snow and many inches of snowfall. For most of the week the area schools were close, but here at Ball State it was completly safe for us to travel...NOT. I always thought that NorthWood had a problem with delay system, but now I have found I am a victim of another school that does not understand that they have to set up some basis for when they will cancel. On a Saturday they cancelled classes, but when another six inches fell on Tuesday and Delaware county was under a winter weather alert(people are not suppose to leave their homes except for emergency) Ball State did not see any reason to cancel. Without administrative leadership teachers are left accountable for the students safety and decision on whether they should cancel class. I think that it is ridiculous to think that administrators would leave teachers responsible for the students. Why do I feel that because they can not make a decision teachers are given an extra job that they should not have. Teachers should not have to cancel classes because the leaders were able to make it to their own office.

Lions and tigers and... Sorry we had budget cuts, so that's it.
I will probably talk about this again in the future, but this week it was released how Ball State was going to try to come up with a decision on what to discuss. They will be holding two open forums and have also opened a webpage in which anyone can give ideas and they will process through them to take something from each one. In the school district where I come from they have only been able to cut half of what they needed. They took a little from their own and are not re-hiring the retiring positions. If they were really determined Joe Sabo would ask for some suggestions from his employees, but instead he would rather be a dictator who no one likes. Here at Ball State our President, Jo Ann Gora, wrote an article in the paper ensuring that programs will not be cut because that would affect the students and she also said that tuition would not go up either. Even though they are not effective on snow, they know how to deal with budget cuts. I personally think that the WaNee School District teachers need to come together and make sure that it is done properly. If I was them I would take a slight paycut overall and administrators would also have to take a large cut. Just by doing that they would be able to solve their problem and not hurt the students' education.

Canada and the Failing Torch
If everyone saw the opening ceremonies of the Olympics you most likely saw the that the torch did not work properly. I think that it is funny that this type of thing could only happen in Canada. I do not know why this type of malfunction was not prevented, but I think that it could have been and Canada will try not to make anymore mistakes. While this is not the only problem I hope that there are no more problems during these Olympic games. Go USA!

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