Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Am I Going Psycho?

Tomorrow is the day that we depart for our voyage around the world! Well not really the world more like the span of a few states. Either way I like to think of it as a large and adventurous trip. I will try to have posts already ready for while I am gone to explain where I am on certain days. I also wanted to add that I had my first Conduct Board hearing on Monday. I am not allowed to share any information, but it went well and made sure that the defender paid the price and was accountable for their action. Anyway, I am not going to actually be talking about my mental health, but rather of my recent entertainment with Alfred Hitchcock. It all started when I watched the skit on Saturday Night Live that mentioned the remake of the movie Psycho. As I talked about earlier in the year I watched this movie for the first time this fall. As I looked into it more this week, I realized that there were actually three more movies that followed the story of Norman Bates. Even though Hitchcock only directed the first movie, they all have that nature of the first one. I had the opportunity to catch them all and realized that I was amused by the plot twists that make you think. Hitchcock was always a man who strived to confuse you. Born in a home with parents who would treat him harshly. It is reflected in many of his movies and short stories. Now I have started to watch Alfred Hitchcock Presents where the man, the myth, and the legend discusses his stories and the themes. So far each of them have been concieved with great detail and perspective. His ideas were so imaginative and the way that he portrays them is what makes the viewer dive in. If you have not had the time to watch one of his films then you need to. If you cannot find one then watch one of his show which are posted on Hulu. Well that is all from me. Stay Classy Nappanee/Muncie!

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