Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Challenge Day

In today’s society we are being taught to hate. You are not born with it, but you are taught it. I know that on occasion I tell a joke or say something that could be looked at as mean, but I need to change this and learn that it is not right to treat others unfairly. It hurts me to know that I can hurt someone and not even think about it. Everyone has assumptions and knows the stereotypes, but we are all people with feelings. We may be uneasy about people of another race or sexual orientation, but once you get to know them you may have seen that sometimes they are amazing people and are exactly the opposite of the stereotypes that are made about them. Why do we learn to judge people?

I pose this question to anyone reading today. Below I have provided a video that anyone who works with students should take time to watch. It was covered on Oprah, but I cannot find that video. This one is a little dated but it is a program called "Challenge Day”. This is a school program that goes to schools and shows people how similar they are. At first they run through typical introductions to each other. After residents or students have realized that they can be open then they sit them down in small circles where they do the “If you really knew me…” program. In this people discuss simple secrets to deep issues they have always wanted to talk about. Many people start to relate and learn a bevy of things about each other. An important part that followed next was a symbol of how to say “I love you” with a hand gesture. Soon they are put to a real test where everyone starts on one side of the room and then when a statement is made that relates to them they walk to the other side and face the others. They soon realize that they are not alone.

Grab the Kleenex before you start!

The most impacting part of challenge day is the last question of the crossing the line when students are asked to cross for a large variety of bullying reasons and every single students fits into the category. This is a nation where differences need to be accepted and everyone needs to love each other because we all came together, we all live together, and we all dream together. Stay Classy!

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