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Crazy Week

I have to admitt that this is going to be a crazy week to start the month of April. I will try to blog more throughout the week, but if I do not then I am very sorry. Today I am including one of my essays from my English class. Stay Classy!
2C Beyond
For thousands of high school graduates around the country, a mid-August day marked the beginning of a new era in their life. Everyone had that uneasy feeling when they realized that their whole world is spinning around them. Everything they thought was “normal” soon faded away as they met people of different faiths, cultures, and backgrounds. In hall 2C of DeHority Complex the transition was very similar to every college freshmen. Just like all students at this transition, they did not see what the future would hold for them.
The closest similarity to this transition is the television show Lost. On the show a plane full of passengers lands on a mysterious island. After realizing that there is no way of getting off the island, they decided that they must learn to survive together and work as a team. The story continues as issues arise and miraculous things occur. This is how this hall came together and their story is unique. When you ask eleven people how it all came together, you will hear eleven different stories. Together they make a novel.
As I walked into DeHority for my second visit, I initially went to the room of Ronald Hindenburg. His room is where the group spends most of their time together and he was also a friend that I have known since high school. Ronald was actually the one who had introduced me to the group. He is a small town kid who has strong views on politics. He is slender and well dressed. It is obvious that he grew up in a home where his mother made sure he looked presentable. Also in the room were Victoria Scarlet and Baron Von Trapp. Scarlet lived near the other end of the hall, but was a constant visitor. She was a blonde, lengthy girl who was in the dance program and had dreams of going out and doing bigger and better things than stay at Ball State. Von Trapp on the other hand was very high class and very intelligent. He reigned from Michigan and was Catholic. Neighbor to Hindenburg, he was often found in the group setting. Like I said earlier they all remember coming together differently, but each comes with a rich story.
Like the plane crash, all of these students moved in with different assumptions and no idea what would eventually happen and whether they would even like each other. They all remember the first days differently as they started to learn about their roommates. Dealing with their roommates each would have initial contact with the people they would later befriend. Ronald Hindenburg recalls meeting Jack Chuan in his room the first day. “He was standing in his room folding his underwear while talking to my parents. From that day forward I knew that we were living something special.” From that awkward first encounter there was something there. When people live together they start to form a bond. In 2C they would become friends through various experiences. While they did not know everyone in the hall yet, they would soon start coming together forming cliques.
The two cousins, Ronald Hindenburg and Artemis Andraste, would reach across the hall and start eating dinner with their neighbors Jack Chuan and Frank Costello. Their relationship was not strong, but was more of an acquaintance. On the other end of the hall, different rooms started creating the first true set of friends. Victoria Scarlet remembers the collaboration. “Our section of the hallway developed ‘The Crew’ of 2C. We went to Late Nite and danced the night away together, went to the Fort Wayne Zoo, and did many other school-y group things, like attend parties and football games together.” At this time everyone in the group had started to find the relationships that they wanted, but they would evolve and come in touch with others around them.
Soon classes would start and there would be a great mixing of friends in the hall. From the events of everyday homework to monthly laundry the entire hall started to do more events together. “The Crew” slowly dissolved away as everyone in the hall formed what was truly 2C. It did not disappear, but as the hall opened themselves up to each other they were growing relationships. They were not all the same; on the contrary they were very different. Somehow they were all brought together. Baron Von Trapp explained it saying “We are all a bunch of misfits. I mean honestly, we all go together like peaches and gasoline. It's our uniqueness that brings us together.” It could have not been truer as each had their own life story and beliefs. Each of them is special in their own way. As I look around and have the opportunity to see them in their own environment, I have been able to see that the things that make each of them special also bring them together.
Looking at 2C, it is obvious to me that there are three different groups of people. They all live together in the hall and somehow their differences all flow together. Like each of them brings their own characteristics to the table, I compare their intelligence to that of their lives. While they are all polar opposites they attract like magnets. It is unclear as to whether is for the better or not, it is obvious that it has helped to bring them together as a group. From the strong Christian to the atheist drunk, each has something that makes them special and unique within the group.
As I mentioned, I believe there are three different groups that have formed within the dorm. Each person does not always fit into one category and sometimes I have found that they will switch. I do not want to call them the good and the evil, but rather the good and the relaxed. In between there are the people who share similarities of both groups. The good tend to make decisions based upon their religious beliefs. On the weekends you find them watching films and taking part in Ball State events. The relaxed are in every sense relaxed. They tend to make decisions depending on what they think feels right or could end up being a good time. On the weekends they are at the hottest parties. Finally there are the middle fielders who participate in both sides. These are the well-rounded individuals who help bring the hall together. How did they all get along? In the normal day they would simply come together as one group, but when the weekend came they face their differences. Come Friday night Miranda King, Amy, and Victoria Scarlet head out to find somewhere to have a good time and possibly a few drinks. Ronald Hindenburg, Artemis Andraste, and Jack Chuan go to the Friday Night Movie and then go back to the room and talk or watch another movie and “Ferguson”. Middle fielders Kathy Heart, Rachael Handt, Baron Von Trapp, and Frank Costello change their game plan on the weekends. They do something different each week, but by the end of the night they would end up in room 243. While the good guys do not like to go out and party, they still enjoyed the company of their friends. When everyone comes back at the end of the night they would not all be under the same intoxication, they all come together and have a good time. With these difference and similarities, Scarlet discusses how it works out in the end. “Sometimes we run into the clashing personalities, but the small arguments are soon forgotten after a few days of tension. Our differences make us unique and stronger, I think. There are people that have lifestyles and personalities in this hall that I usually don’t associate with, but we have all gotten together so well that…I don’t really know what I’m saying, but I know that we have been brought together for the best.”
No matter how different they were, everyone in this special group had slowly developed a location where they would spend most of their time together. Migrating to 243 they would sit, relax, and enjoy each other’s company and various kinds of entertainment. When I questioned my informants of why they believed that this is where everyone migrated, they had clear answers. Von Trapp said, “The fact that their room setup allows for good casual and relaxed communication (is the reason everyone migrates to 243). You can sit on the bed, the floor, and the chairs and still be comfy.” While Von Trapp saw it in an architectural perspective Scarlet questioned why people drawn into this particular room. “It’s always the cleanest room. It definitely has the most space. And it’s the most welcoming in my opinion. There’s also this mystery about it. Their door is always locked and shut so I feel like you never know what you’re going to find behind the door, but I think mainly because there is just enough room to function as a group and watch movies and such.” With an established home and group they lived and learned together. They were all able to feel something significant about being with each other. Together they could rock the boat and define boundaries.
After seven months of being together, they have now formed into a known group in the hall. They are seen together all the time. 2C eats together, lives together, and do basically everything together. People know who they are. Baron Von Trapp reflected saying, “We are awesome. The Crowning Glory of DeHority. The Marvel of East-Central Indiana. The Bejeweled Star of Muncie. Queen of the Halls of the Hoosiers. Grandiose Dominion at the Envy of the World.” Not only do they know how great they have formed, but they also know that everyone does not get this opportunity. Victoria Scarlet explains, “This hall is special and amazing like no other. We all lucked out BIG time. We all get along, many people are in the same programs on campus, our schedules all fit together nicely, and we all have similar interests. It’s definitely a once in a lifetime match-up and I feel really blessed to be in such an amazing hall. Plus, everyone knows who we are because everyone walks through our hallway all the time and talk about how awesome we are!” They all have their stories, but in the end they have come together to make one special place. This hall has defied the close door policy and became the individuals they wanted to be. Each of them came together into one place and became a circle of trust. Just like the characters on the show Lost, 2C has dealt with their differences, seen miracles, and grew to love each other.


  1. I positively love how much Scarlet appears in this one. :)

  2. I am so thrilled you used all of my best quotes! :)
    Additionally, your social observations couldn't be more on the mark.


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