Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Leaving Your Mark

Sorry that I have been lacking on my blog posts, but when you have life planned as much as I do one slight problem throws everything off. This week I started the week with my USB jump drive breaking down. That ment that I had to reproduce any document that was on it that I needed for an assignment. Anyway I think that I have caught up now. If you have not been keeping up on me I would suggest watching the video below. I participated in a barefoot walk to help support TOMS shoes in buying shoes for kids in need. I have included the pictures below.

After the walk I drove up to Grand Rapids, Michigan with Matt to watch his sister's production of Grease. The show was great and if you have have the chance to watch a Catholic high school do a production then I say do it! It will be a great cultural experience. While I was visiting the area I once again got to meet up with a bunch of Matt's great family and friends. They are really quite enjoyable people and it was nice to see them again. While I did not get to experience another fish fry, I did get to enjoy Yesterdog once again. I had a great dog and once again questioned whether the business was legal. It is going to be in an article in Esquire magazine title "Where Men Eat". If you are ever in town make sure that you stop buy and take in the environment. Anyway, while I was visiting I decided that it was about time to "leave my mark". I wrote my name in several different locations in the restaurant.
As I thought about where to put my name, I realized that I was basically leaving my legacy just like I leave every year of my life. I ask "Where will you leave your legacy?" To some they don't even want to leave a legacy, but lets face it you never expect what you get. Initially I did not think of where I was going to write my name, but just looked for an open space. Now I realize that location is everything. Many people just go with the flow everyday. They never really live the legacy, but in their time do one great thing and put it in advertising and making it very public. Too many people do this and while their name is on top, it just melts together with everyone else. One deed is not enough to leave a legacy, you have to live the legacy.

Then I realized that there are those who really do not give to the cause. They keep to the side and hope that someone else makes a difference. By doing nothing they feel that they will not contnually asked to help and will not be in the way of those who want to help. This is wrong. Any little thing that you do can go a long way to leaving a legacy. When I see someone pick up trash or hold a door I feel that passion of continueing what they did. If everyone followed the good deeds of others we would live in a very different society. Standing on the side while others lead will not leave a legacy, you have to live the legacy.

Finally, I reached an empty corner. The place where everything comes together and the foundation is built. This is the point where others follow and help with the legacy. This is where I want to be. The leader of the pack in making a difference and anyone that has impacted, influenced, or helped me brings together the foundation. Lets all work together to make a difference and give back what you have been given. You only have one chance to live, so go out and make your mark and live to leave a great legacy.

Stay Classy Nappanee/Muncie/Anywhere you are reading!

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  1. ...and if your ever in Nappanee and have a chance to go to NMC, I would say do it! It will be a great cultural experience.


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