Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hope It Gives You Hell

Of course when it comes to scheduling my blog posts I should have mentioned that the schedule was strictly temporary. Also while I have some posts on the list I have no control on the content I receive because life is unpredictable. Tuesday night was an extremely tiring group because as always I had class all day plus I had to head to Fort Wayne. While I was there the Knott family was kind enough to house me for the night. This met that I was able to watch Glee with Kallie. If you were not watching the episode on Tuesday night then you were part of the minority. 13.66 million viewers tuned in for that evening and nearly doubled from the half season finale in April. If you were one of the 13.66 then most likely you have been going through hell for the past three months. It was extremely exciting to see the show return with new episodes and from the insider info it is only going to get better from here. There are going to be great songs, awesome guests, and of course surprises along the way. The back nine are sure to finish by making you ask for more and I am happy to tell you that you will have more in the fall when season two returns. So if you are sending your food back because "there was a mouse in it" or are just realizing that "dolphins are just gay sharks" this season of Glee is going to inspire you to live your life through all problems and imperfections.

In a completely different realm I am sure that you all know that school budget cuts are currently hitting the teachers. This is really sad because there are so many great educators out there that are getting the axe. The reason I was in Fort Wayne was because I had to do a observation at Perry Hill Elementary School. While I was there I had the opportunity to meet many fantastic teachers. I had not seen any teachers out of my district and seeing this set of teachers was truly refreshing. I wish I could say that I know that all of them will have a job next year, but I simply can't. The district has to make cuts. You know that I completely disagree with this kind of cut because I have talked about it before. Why should we be cutting the teacher who could or could have impacted your student to go out and be President of the United States. If they don't get that opportunity to have face time then your student could end up working at minimum wage. I know this sounds harsh, but I sat in the classrooms of Perry Hill and thought how can we lose some of these teachers. Since it was a completely different type of school district then I was growing up, I was able to see a difference in student behavior and teacher/student relationships. Overall I was really impressed with the enthusiasm the teachers shared within the classroom. Each teacher had their own special characteristic that I plan to discuss in my observation papers. Furthermore, the state is passing a new way of tracking progress according to individual student progress. It will not affect AYP next year but there is discussion that this might be used to look at the success of schools, programs, and teachers. I do feel like this will be a better way to track progress, but my fear is that if they are using this to track success they will start to enforce cuts according to testing. This is saying that if a thirty year teacher has students that are lower level or have home problems and do not do well on the test, it will not matter because the success rate is low and they will be the one who is cut. This could be a problem. Back at Perry Hill they are already going to be losing some great teachers. I can only wish the best for them. As for the rest of the staff at Perry Hill, I would like to thank you for allowing me to come into your classroom and thanks for being great teachers. I was very impressed. This is where I am going to say that Ball State has shown their excellence in the teachers college with Miss Irons at Perry Hill. You can tell she is a Ball State Alum. She really kept the students engaged and they were really loving here class. Overall, if you are reading this be sure to support your local educators. Administrators really have not shown they care, so I leave it up to the community to let them know that they are grateful for helping their students succeed. Well I have a lot of work to get to but I will be sure to post more this weekend. Stay Classy!

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  1. YOU HAD MISS IRONS?! Tyler. Wtf. Why do you never tell me these things?! I know her.. She's one of my dance teachers. Haha.


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