Monday, April 19, 2010

Philosophy of Education (Still a little rough)

It is remarkable how fast the world is changing and in education the role of the teacher is progressively growing and changing. With the constant passing of different laws and regulations, the role of teachers within the classroom holds more responsibility than it has ever before. In the past teachers were just in the classroom to relay the information for students to hopefully memorize the information. In today’s society, however, the teacher not only must relay information, but they must also be sure that the student is retaining it. To do this they must be able to motivate his or her students through creating a great classroom dynamic and atmosphere that carries a meaningful message. After preparing this learning environment the teacher and schools must be able to evaluate the students’ progress. However, today the system is still not perfect and will continue to be changed until all students’ needs can be met.
The number one priority that must be implicated by a teacher is to be able to motivate students in and out of the classroom. Today, students have the mindset through media and their peers that school is not a good thing. With such a strong opposition against education there have to be great teachers educating the students. Teachers that motivate students usually have certain characteristics that make them great. They have to have a passion for the content area and must also want to pass their knowledge along to students in an inspiring way. If teachers have an excitement for what they are teaching then they are usually able to pass it on to the student. Getting students motivated about some things is very difficult, but a truly influential teacher will create an atmosphere that reaches every student and gets them involved and motivated in his or her lessons.
As a student, I have seen that creating a great class atmosphere, teachers will have more success with the class as a whole. As I said earlier there is a bad light on schools, so it is important that students do not feel like they are in the “Charlie Brown” classroom. Teachers need to want to create an adventure for the students so they do not realize that they are learning. I am not saying that the education system needs to be hidden away, just that by creating an environment where students want to learn is very important. If students are excited to go to a class they obviously enjoy it and are actually taking something from the class. Teachers who are only surviving are most likely also not creating an environment suitable for students. This is very sad, but most likely they will have an environment that is healthy for their education and helps them think outside the box. The successes of environments that are working effectively are actively recognized through testing.
Testing is highly important on understanding the progress of students and teachers. Whether it is the national SAT and ACT or simply a chapter quiz, evaluating student progress is important to understanding if the education system is working properly. We are currently going through changes that will not track school progress, but student progress on the state level. This will be more useful because we will understand student needs and levels more clearly. While there are steps in the right direction, there are still flaws in the system. Teachers are evaluating in one way and the national tests are evaluating a different way. If this is how we are determining who is passing a class and also if students will be accepted into college it is important that it is being done the same and correct way. It is our duty as teachers to be able to assess if we are doing the best job for our students and also our employers.

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  1. We were talking about this in Honors 202 today in relation to Voltaire. Education needs to constantly be transformed from the theoretical to the practical, with constant reference back to the theoretical.

    We used a sports analogy: during a practice, when running a play, a coach might say "Stop, now look where you are." And then he would expect them to resume and correct their mistakes. Taking the practical and basing it off the theoretical.

    Food for thought.


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