Monday, May 3, 2010

Semester 1

“Cause in the daylight anywhere feels like home”
The song speaks for itself because this is what we were all hoping for as we made our transition to college. This song would later become the song that was used to make everyone happy in 2C. To get there I had to travel down a new path. I would be lying if I said that the first day was not rough. We came down the Wednesday that my grandma was returning back to Florida and my brother was in school. All of my stuff was piled into an empty room that was everything but homey. When my parent left I was filled with a bevy of different emotions. How are you supposed to feel when you move away for a couple months without all of the people you use to know and love. Luckily for me I had Adam and Austin Hostetter to hang out with the following day.

I remember the first couple of nights because they were absolutely terrible. I couldn’t sleep and I just did not like it. Soon others would start moving in and the first week was like an early retirement. You didn’t have to go to classes and you did whatever you wanted. We did a lot of walking around campus that week and also met a lot of new people. In class, I was able to find new friends. I really had no idea what to expect out of the classes, but in the end I was able to make the Dean’s list. The way I had set up my classes was also exciting because I was given 24 hours without a class. This time became known as Tylerday. It was a great for me and I would find out that I could do even better than that in my second semester.On the social aspect, we were meeting several new people. While walking to the Noyer Dining Hall we had walked with a group known as 2C. We really thought they were too cool for us, but guess who would soon become friends with us. 2C continued to grow throughout the semester and it was a beautiful thing.

The first semester was a great opening for my first year of college. Along with fitting in I made a trip to watch the Auburn Ball State football game in Alabama, realized that global warming is fake, and learned all I wanted about Humans vs. Zombies. During homecoming we realized our football team was not going to get any better, but we had a good time putting on our cardinal pride. We also had the opportunity to listen to several great speakers, which caused me to start a new hobby. Autograph collecting became something that was always on my mind and as they started coming in I got really excited. To this day I have over 100 and have received them from many different states and countries.

Christmas marked the end of the semester and it ended with a bang. As a group we were able to celebrate by putting up a Christmas tree and also doing several other things. My favorite was when I visited Minnetrista for the first time for Luminaire. There were several lights and decorations that got me in the Christmas spirit. While it was sad to have to leave it was nice to be home. This was the first time the group would be away from each other for this long of time. While it was nice to be home it was just like coming to college. You miss both places no matter where I was I would always miss the other.

First semester was just the beginning of a great year. We had no idea what was coming next, but we knew now that we could handle anything.

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