Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Semester 2

Returning back to campus was definitely something I was looking forward to following the Christmas break. After 3 weeks of doing my publicity at home I could finally get to see all of the friends that I missed. For the blog some changes would come in the spring semester. First I would change the titles from the dates to something a little more informative. This was due to the demand made by Matthew. I also was able to spend more time focusing on deep topics instead of information about me. While I found less time to write blog post, I definitely still found the blog opening up my connection to the world. I also added the comment selection bar which allows readers to simple click on how they felt about the post (If you are not doing this then I hope you will start because it would greatly be appreciated).

The return also found us in a new winter environment. Our first ‘blizzard’ was crazy with about a foot of snow and classes being cancelled all around campus. While it would get old after a few months, those first couple of weeks were filled with a lot of awesome journeys out in the cold. Coming back also met us with new classes. I was enrolled in English 104, which gave me the opportunity to study DeHo 2C. If you have been following the blog you have probably already seen all of the papers and projects that I completed.

Like the first semester, I was involved with several great events that I will always have memories from to cherish. 2C made the Daily News as we had our Super Bowl party together. While we did not all cheer for the same team, we all had a great time and made the front page. We also had the winter Olympics as a way to liven our spirits. There are so many memories from these Olympics because of all of the late nights with Joe and Heather. In our chance to make a difference, we were introduced to TOMS. We were able to buy shoes that helped others get shoes, walk a mile without shoes, and go a day without shoes. Finally, we started to make late night weekend runs to Carter’s hot dog stand. While we never made this trip drunk, we did get to see a lot of crazy people that would make our night.

Finally, there was Spring Break. A time to get away from campus and see the lives of Matt, Joe, Austin, and Adam. This trip was so amazing and we really have a lot of great memories. I can honestly say that I would be happy living with any of these families in any of their hometowns. I wrote about leaving a mark and I think that because of families like them they have truly passed on a legacy to their children. I had so much fun getting to spend time with the guys and getting to learn more about each other. I hope this summer I am able to make at least one trip to see the families again.

Then we come to the end. As I am writing this I have packed the last of my belongings and I am almost ready to go. Finals are not near as stressful as the leaving. I will explain more in my last blog post before summer. Overall, spring was the awakening into what I know will be a great college experience. I made it through the tough part and now am in the flow of how it all works. They were two different semesters compiled of similar things, but together they made an extraordinary freshman experience.

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