Sunday, September 26, 2010

Lifes Changes

Today, I finally sit down and explain why my life is so crazy and sees no sign of stopping. I apologize for the third week in a row for not blogging enough. I think I can wrap it all into three reasons and here we go....

1. Getting Involved
This place has finally sucked me into the portal of working and leading. Last year I tried to have a calm and relaxing year where I could analyze how the system worked. That meant that this year I needed to take some leadership roles and try and make a difference. So I have become the president of hall council and also a member of the GLACURH 2011 bid team. These also suck me into other events like homecoming and the NRHH leadership conference. Of course this also makes me busier. I mean I have been working on this post for 2 weeks now and I have yet to post it. I am happy though and this leads me to my next point!

2. Getting to Know You
The people of Ball State and Noyer Complex have made me so happy! I have an amazing hall, but I don't have any pictures with them yet. Hopefully I can get some posted sooner or later. There are also so many others because of all of the involvement. People that are willing to make a difference in anyway they can. They don't have to be forced to give their time, they just do it. Our suite mate Matt put a board up so that we could be inclusive to our handicapped residents, Kendra worked our waffle sale even though she did not need to, and as we collected money for Koins for Kids people opened their pockets and gave whatever they had! It is such a beautiful world we live in!

3. Being the Best I can be
This is the most important one of them all! When I have great individuals around me who are giving their all, I find it important that I give all of my heart! In my effort to make a difference in my hall, my community, and this world, I can't just give a little every once in a while. No! If I want to be a role model and a person that can make a difference then it always has to be about getting the job done and doing the best I can! Changing the world whole hearted one smile at a time!

Hopefully this was a good enough explanation, but on Monday I am going to try to post about what has happened in my life for the past two weeks.

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