Thursday, February 10, 2011

January 10, 2011

Something about seeing other people care or other people having happiness because of the support of others simply warms my heart. As always today we celebrated Argyle Monday. Well for Christmas a few of us put together some money to buy Donelle Henderlong an Argyle sweater. Throughout the day I am also meant with others who just happened to be a part of the first one for the semester. When these people realize that they have been included or are a part of some random surprise that start to smile and I can tell that their day must be happier because of something as simple as wearing a style of clothing. This is what I have tried to make my life all about. Using small things to make the big difference. I love all of the people I have met and I am so happy that it is so easy to change someone’s life. This is why I wake up every morning with a smile and try to act like a complete goofball. This is what I am here to write about the little things that inspire me to keep up with my little quirks and traditions to make people laugh, love, and smile.

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