Thursday, February 3, 2011

January 3, 2011

Accepting someone to take over a job that you could easily do is never something I like to do and it is especially hard to know that they are just not doing it correct. Today I did a lot of resting, but there was a moment that I had to watch something get done for a fourth time that has never worked. Why does this keep happening? Well it is because other people are doing something I could be doing, but the lesson for today was not to rant and have a problem with it. I was inspired by the way that more and more people are willing to take on more work and volunteer more and more every day. People are just so selfless and I want to be more like that. This is why many of the jobs I take on are not paid and usually strive to make others happy and/or give to a charity, organization, or community. The chance to see the youth of today to want to give their time for others just gives me hope that we have a great future ahead of us that are caring for others. Too many people are too worried about themselves. So, what should we do every day? Check on someone; ask them if they are doing okay, or any simple gesture that shows that you care for others. E.L.E. Everybody Love Everybody. It is very simple, but I am going to challenge myself to do it and I do the same to you. Everyone needs someone to check in on them and that’s what our world needs.

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