Friday, February 4, 2011

January 4, 2011

When people start to look at some of your faults it never goes without further thought on your part. Today I had a few of my friends do just that. One said that I try to make things to difficult and when I said that I disagree they said that was an example of difficulty on my part. So the lesson of the day is I need to start and giving out my honest opinion. I often try to let people down easy or beat around the bush until I can decide. Slowly I plan to work into my life simply saying yes or no, but I can also provide the answer ask me later. While this is not the most complex idea I have ever encountered, but it is going to take some work to make it happen. Ask me a question and let’s see if I am growing this year.

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  1. Read what you write, you're on to something here.


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